Energy Clearing Protocol ~ Kandy Vandawalker ~ How to Clear the Body of Toxins and Kick-Start Immedi

"A lot of Western reductionist medicine has been criticized for seeking only temporary solutions for symptoms, not causes. Nevertheless, Western medicine has its value; it is very good at diagnostics and emergency care, among many other things. However, it overlooks a very important spiritual element, the emotional factors that determine why the body functions the way it does, and why the mind functions the way it does. If you take each gland that is responsible for emanating specific frequency and present it with a reminder (vibrations, sounds, specific foods, medicines etc.) of what its true natural vibrational frequency is, this jogs its memory and helps it return to its natural state, th

Subaquatic Installations/Bases Used for Nefarious Purposes

When you think of a sub-sea base, what do you think of? Most would summon a mental image from a film they have viewed. Though these movies paint a picture of a hypothetical futuristic situation, labeling the existence of underwater bases and installations as fiction cannot be further from the truth. The document entitled “MANNED UNDERSEA STRUCTURES –– THE ROCK SITE CONCEPT” written in October 1966 by the U.S. Naval Ordinance Test Station, admits upfront within the first sentence of the document: “Large undersea Installations with a shirt-sleeve environment have existed under the continental shelves for many decades.” Now remember, this was written in 1966. So, factually, large subaquat

Liberating All Targeted Individuals!!!

The following interview is in regards to a *Targeted Individual by the name of 'Len'. It was a live recording on Talk-Shoe while Len was given an exclusive V.I.P. Slot to speak of subject-matters with regards to Almost Everything revolving around Targeting and MILABS [Military Abductions] This interview is over two hours long. Len discusses in extreme detail about his experiences as well as an extremely in-depth detail exposé about the technology being used for such purposes by Satanists. Len has been experimented on and even Tortured by the Medical Establishment overall. In-fact, Len has ascertained that Both of his parents were assassinated in the hospital setting by Shillperps dressed up

STAR (Service to All Relations) School, 1st all off-grid solar & wind powered charter school in

Bravo to STAR School for modeling the possibilities of sustainable living and superior education in action! "The STAR School’s vision is to create a joyful learning community in which members develop the character, skills and attitudes for understanding themselves, living in balance, and serving all our relations. STAR is the first all off-grid, solar and wind powered, charter school in the country. Sustainable living is a way of life intrinsic to the community which the school serves. We promote self-reliance, alternative building methods, and energy sources such as solar and wind power. We agree with the evidence that small community schools can deliver a superior education. We have set

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