Why were the Koch Brothers shipping highly-radioactive Cesium-137 in 1998 via Fed-Ex?

Uncovered today, we find that back in 1998, The Koch Brothers' Tru-Tec Division of Koch Engineering Company, Inc. were caught red handed attempting to irresponsibly mail Cesium-137. The crime occurred on August 28th, 1998, when a package was mailed from Koch's Tru-Tec in Newark, Delaware. The package contained three sources of Cesium-137 – which is a gamma radiation emitter – containing 1, 18 and 100 millicuries. Destined for pickup by Koch Engineering personnel at a Fed-Ex facility located in Wilmington, North Carolina; the package had made it there, but the contents were missing! Later that same day, the Cesium was found at a Fed-Ex facility in Memphis Tennessee. Michael Flenniken, th

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