Empowering Our Children, Our Future

The most precious investment we can make toward serving humanity is to provide our children an inspiring and empowering environment where they can learn, grow and thrive. It is our mission to build and strengthen social emotional skills in children. When they fully embrace the power and responsibility of their choices in a heart based manner i.e. "How does it FEEL when I choose this action?" then they have the opportunity to realize how their choices can affect themselves, their friends & family, schoolmates, community and world. The StarPals Series seven books model 9 different virtues that children can easily relate to and immediately apply in their every day lives. The StarPals Treasure

Would our Government Really Poison Us?

Is it possible that our government would choose to poison its own people? When contemplating these things, depopulation control, the Georgia Guidestones, the possiblity that the Center for Disease Control could not only be controlling disease, but creating and manipulating it for nefarious purposes? It is not only possible, but likely when you look at some of the following information. Let's start with the foundation of the question. Why? Why would our government want to poison us? Click on picture to go to origin. How would our so called world leaders target so many for extinction? September 2015 Kevin Galalae takes a deep dive into: Why the United Nations was created in 1945, How their d

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