Morgellons, Chemtrails, Depopulation, Transhumanism Connections & Solutions

Morgellons, Chemtrails, Transhumanism “Morgellons is an umbrella term which is used to identify a score of different symptoms. Ultimately it is transhumanism. The integration of mankind with machines, computers, and artificial intelligence. Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the human genome. It is the fetal stage of transhumanism, and it is upon us. This stealth project is being carried out with the use of the daily chemtrail operations, which are happening globally. There is no escape. The chemtrail operations are terraforming the earth and everything on it, including you. Many have died. While the CDC and Kaiser Permanente drag t

STOP Covert Depopulation! Kevin Galalae takes it to the next global leap with all 196 Heads of State

December 24th, 2013 I had the most fortunate opportunity to listen to an interview with my Mom while visiting during Christmas. We both sat in awe as we listened to Kevin Mugur Galalae share his plight to protect our children, our future from covert depopulation. I was moved to tears and reached out to Kevin to let him know how much I appreciated his efforts. I was surprised that he responded so quickly and then sent me links to read his books that detailed the depopulation via fluoridation agenda. January 2014 A Call To Actions Radio was born and we set up an interview with Kevin to dig deeper into the covert depopulation situation and bring forward alternative solutions that would put

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique ~ NAET ~

I would like to introduce this procedure because it literally saved my life in 2007. I had become allergic to EVERYTHING! The result was chronic sinus infections. I went on five rounds of antibiotics over the course of six months, went into several bouts of three-day migraines, was missing a lot of work, the pain was unbearable and this is from someone who has an insane high tolerance for pain! The medication was killing my immunse system and after exhausting the pill option, modern medicine wanted to turn to the knife and offered exploratory surgery! NO WAY!!! I was then introduced to NAET and real healing began. It works and you can even treat animals as well. ~ Kimberlee Schultz, Co-Fo

Canadian Political Activist said African-Americans & Other Minorities know the US government is

December 08, 2014 TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A Canadian political activist said African-Americans and other minorities know that the government of the United States is at war with them. Kevin Galalae, the leader of Human Rights Party of Canada and the founder of Center of Global Consciousness, said the fact that the US police kill African-Americans and no charge is brought against them "signals the implementation of policies aiming at the depopulation of Black Americans." Since last Wednesday, the United States has been the scene of massive protests against racism and police violence. This was following a decision made by a New York jury not to pre

Healing Ourselves, Our Relations & Our World by Chief Phil Lane Jr. Invitation from Chief Phil Lane, Jr.: At this unique and unprecedented moment in human history – in the midst of mounting social, political, economic, psychological and spiritual restlessness and uncertainty – there exists an unnamed rootlessness that permeates the very heart of the Human Family and condition. And it is time to name it. Too many human beings in the modern world have been in the pursuit of the industrial and material dream severed from our Indigenous Spirits. We have forgotten how to live in harmony on our Mother Earth, and have thus lost touch with our Indigenous Roots and our intimate connection to one another and all Life! We are all part

The StarPals Empowering/Inspiring Childrens Books ~ Values/Virtues in ACTion!

It is still surreal to me to acknowledge the powerful fruit of our pure intentions. Since 2006 upon awakening each morning asking God “How I can most efficiently/effectively be Hands and Feet to contribute as a catalyst for positive change?” the abundance of miracles that have sprung forth is not only filled with immense gratitude, but deep humility that one could participate in a portion of these experiences. One of those miracles is a series of seven books based upon seven virtues. The StarPals were not something I even had on my radar. They literally became manifest as result of a plea /prayer of servitude to our children, our future. The StarPals; Patty Patience, Korey Kindness, Haley

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