Miracle Mineral Solution

I found out about Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) after having live blood work done and was told I had Candida. I purchased it and used the protocol and then kind of forgot about it until recently when looking for ways to clear parasites. A friend found it through her doctor after their son was experiencing symptoms similar to ADD/ADHD/Austim. They cleared him of parasites with the protocol and the symptoms disappeared altogether. I decided to bring the MMS back into play once again after using the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide protocol to clear parasites. By the way, 95% of the population have parasites and don't know it. Everyone should be doing some sort of parasite detox and contin

SWARM – Exposing The Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud & the Integrating Man/Machine Transhumanism

As you will see in the following paragraphs: "The swarm gives the cloud eyes, ears, hands, and feet, enabling services that are directly embedded in the physical world rather than just in the cyber world. " "making the platform open and universal will unleash millions of swarm devices and swarmlet developers, just as smart-phone platforms opened the door to millions of app developers." What most cannot see here due to the compartmentalization, is that these very systems are and have been intending to move humanity into transhumanism. It is a slow process that takes much conditioning and desensitizing. The solution to this is to see it as it is and before it happens to you and to preve

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