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Hi , I am a musician , artist , vocalist , writer , and my hobby is science . I am targeted due to who I am and my family history and bloodline . I have exposed C.I.A. and Illuminati black operations many times , and this lead to serious gang stalking and trouble for me . I continue to work to expose the gang staIkers involved in these covert black operations such as drug running and child trafficking and sex slavery . By exposing this evil to bring help to the victims . I am constantly targeted by the C.I.A . and gang stalkers in their cartel networks Click here to go to the gofundme page: The short film Black Man (below) is about me in Romania and what

Healing Tincture, TSP, Homeade Soap & Lesion Buster to Detox Nano Technology & Keep it out!

To help get this tincture in as many hands as possible, please consider donating to Chris' gofundme campaign Instructions: Amounts of herbs can vary, these amounts are not set in stone. In general you can use equal parts of everything. I would use double the amount of things like usnea, turmeric root, cat’s claw, fennel, astragulus ect. You will want to have several mason jars 32 oz probably for this, could go larger for larger amounts. You will also want a cheese cloth. Also recommend getting tamper proof safety seals or stickers to make sure herbs are not tampered with during the soaking stage. Any mason jar that will be left soaking should have a seal placed

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