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Subaquatic Installations/Bases Used for Nefarious Purposes

When you think of a sub-sea base, what do you think of? Most would summon a mental image from a film they have viewed. Though these movies paint a picture of a hypothetical futuristic situation, labeling the existence of underwater bases and installations as fiction cannot be further from the truth.

The document entitled “MANNED UNDERSEA STRUCTURES –– THE ROCK SITE CONCEPT” written in October 1966 by the U.S. Naval Ordinance Test Station, admits upfront within the first sentence of the document: “Large undersea Installations with a shirt-sleeve environment have existed under the continental shelves for many decades.” Now remember, this was written in 1966. So, factually, large subaquatic installations were being built at least in the 1930s. It is my opinion, based on the proof, that these installations go back to the 1910s and possibly 1900s. Now, having proof that these do exist, one must wonder what they are being used for. Several possibilities do come to mind. We know that these are being used for mining projects. Though, below the sea surface would be the ideal cloaked location for a city. A city stocked of food, business, cutting-edge scientific research, leisure, and anything else one can imagine. Having a city buried below the sea-floor, would ensure optimal secrecy from prying eyes. This would allow for very unethical and inhumane activity including a slave-style work force, human trafficking, neurocybernetic research and development, trans-species development, etc… With these sites in the hands of corporations/military, these are just examples of the atrocities that take place there. Of course, these constructs would need some type of transportation system to connect their “below-the-sea-floor” network. Human and drug trafficking, for them, is a superb way to gain monetary funding to further their projects. They needed something fast, reliable, and innovative. They received their wish with the RAND Corporation fulfilling it. In August 1972, RAND released the document entitled, “THE VERY HIGH SPEED TRANSIT SYSTEM”. The alleged purpose of building such a system was to connect cities and very important secret locations. This is ideal for members of government––It gives them a fast way to hide. We know though, this system was not just implemented via subsurface­––connecting places like Los Alamos – Dulce – Denver. This was also used below the ocean floor. Creation of such artificial veins throughout Planet Earth will not be tolerated. Sucking the blood of the planet for the profit of mega corporations, will feel the wrath of the stake. Working for a shadow government––that is a sentient A.I. malevolence––will collapse under it’s own centuries old weight. The dawning of the benevolent victory is here. We are The One that we have been waiting for. Set your intention on defeating this parasitic threat to Earth and all of her Inhabitants. Together we are victorious, triumphant.

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