60 Top Vaccine Experts Unite To Inform Parents And Ensure Your Child’s Health and Safety. To Watch all 7 episodes for FREE click the picture below: Vaccinations have become a very sensitive subject. Parents are trying to protect their children from the onslaught of vaccines being pushed upon their unborn and/or newborn infants and young children. The big pharmacy chains make it mandatory that their employees answer the phones promoting flu and shingle vaccines. I personally work with someone that at seven months pregnant was strongly encouraged to accept a whooping cough vaccine. She refused but the antagonizing continued and was prodded further that upon birth everyone around the baby wo

Global Elite International Pedophile Rings, Pizzagate and the CIA Black Budget

During these times the Global Elite International Pedophile Rings “Pedogate”, Pizzagate and CIA Black Budget are getting exposed. The mounds of dirt they try to sweep under the rug are far too revealing to silence or simply go away. Judy Byington, retired CEO, therapist, author and mental health supervisor connects the dots via the interrelated subjects of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia, CIA Mind Control and high level officials who have yet to be held accountable for their involvement in such crimes against humanity, specifically innocent children. It is staggering to even acknowledge these unimaginable crimes exist and how long they have been perpetrated against our

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