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Energy Clearing Protocol ~ Kandy Vandawalker ~ How to Clear the Body of Toxins

"A lot of Western reductionist medicine has been criticized for seeking only temporary solutions for symptoms, not causes.

Nevertheless, Western medicine has its value; it is very good at diagnostics and emergency care, among many other things. However, it overlooks a very important spiritual element, the emotional factors that determine why the body functions the way it does, and why the mind functions the way it does.

If you take each gland that is responsible for emanating specific frequency and present it with a reminder (vibrations, sounds, specific foods, medicines etc.) of what its true natural vibrational frequency is, this jogs its memory and helps it return to its natural state, the state in which it is the most healthy and most vibrant. As you provide the gland with the ‘antidote’ – the frequency that you need – and it starts functioning in its super-state.

Just the rays of the sunlight are broken down into multiple different colors, it’s the same with the bliss frequency. It’s a master frequency and certain glands within our body resonate a certain tone of that frequency. It’s important to understand this because when we are trying to heal our body, everything that we do ever has got to do with frequency, energy in some way, shape or form.

For example, if you take a heart that doesn’t know how to experience love (most of us know what incredible energies this organ generates) and you give it love from all different directions, it is reminded what its natural frequency is and (as science has proven) the body responds by releasing dis-ease and returning to its natural state.

But evolution doesn’t stop there; with the proper support, your body’s evolution will keep evolving past its superstate. Remember, the same frequencies also exist on different sections of the scale, just like a piano. The vibration of the Middle C on a piano is repeated as High C and Low C within the other octaves, each producing a tone that resonates that C vibration. Once you have explored the range of frequencies (notes) within the ‘middle’ octave, there are plenty more octaves to explore.

The more pure, strong and ready your body is, the more frequencies your body can absorb to activate your LumenOctave to its full potential. And then the game of life gets even more interesting…


Fact #2~ Because ALL MATTER VIBRATES, it releases energy.

Fact #3~ The energy released from every item that exists, can be measured

Fact #4~ That energy field is referred to as the items ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD/ SIGNATURE

Fact #5~ Because of Quantum Physics, we can now MEASURE the EMF/S of EVERYTHING. In essence, we can measure the "aura" of a tomato, a rock, a piece of metal, a human liver, a vitamin, a virus etc.....

Fact #6~ Something does not have to be ALIVE/LIVING to have an EMF/S- a rock, metal etc... all have their own signature...they are not "living" per se.

Fact #7~ Muscle testing does not lie. In the 60's, a chiropractor figured out something called applied kinesiology. He figure out that if he placed something (let's say a tomato) in someone's hand and tested the strength of their other arm as they push up against the practitioner, the practitioner can determine if that person is sensitive to a tomato by the strength or weakness of their arm.

Our bodies and brains are super quantum computers- we are EMF/S based- every part of our body has it's own EMF/S (liver-stomach-lymph system ect)...... and you have your own EMF/S (aura) = we all have a certain amount of SOFTWARE (information) in our bodies. If we are sensitive to something, it means that that word (information) is missing from your databank. i.e.- If a person has iron deficiency, it is because "IRON" is not listed in that person's databank. If the word isn't there, the body doesn't know what to do with it, so it let's it go. You now have iron deficiency. Once you add the word IRON to the databank the body now recognizes iron and knows what to do with it, holds on to it and utilizes it properly!!




FILE 3: Print and clear the following documents in whatever order you choose.


NOTE: Allow for one day in between clearings to allow your body to process

2. Hold the sheets of paper in your left hand. (not more than 4 pages at a time).

3. TAP up and down your own spine....from the middle of the back of your head to the top of your rear end and back up and down..... 8 times (or 4 sets of two up/down). Use a spatula if need be. It is not important to tap every spot on the way up or down.

By tapping up and down your spine, you are TURNING ON YOUR COMPUTER.... by holding the words in your hand, your "computer" is downloading the information through your porous skin, into your computer.

Now, when this information (the EMF/S/S) enter the body, they travel in a circular motion through the body, like a vehicle on a road. They travel in certain pathways - which is where the acupressure comes in.


1. Find the dip on the top of your head-soft spot about a ¼ way on the top of your head from your forehead, and rub it for 20 seconds in a clockwise motion:

2. Find the web of your left hand between your thumb and forefinger, rub it for 20 seconds in a clockwise motion:

3. Find the dip under your left outside ankle bone, rub it for 20 seconds in a clockwise motion:

4. Find the dip under your right outside ankle bone, Rub it for 20 seconds in a clockwise motion:

5. Find the web of your right hand. Rub it for 20 seconds in a clockwise motion:

You have now completed a circle of acupressure and UNBLOCKED THE PATHWAYS that these EMF/S/s travel on.

Now you are instructed to drink 1-2 liters of water. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!

When you clear for organs, glands, systems, your body will detox what doesn't belong there.

When you clear for hormones, immune system, you are balancing the functions of those things.

When you clear for foods, vitamins, mineral, bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, parasites, worms, radiation, lighting, etc., you are desensitizing yourself from these things by putting the information into your "computer"..

See interview with Kandy sharing her background and how the healing protocol was discovered through her own personal healing that saved her life!

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