Canadian expert: What occurred in Paris was theater on a grand scale "The Leader of Human Rights Party of Canada, Kevin Galalae, said no terrorist attack took place in France and what occurred was theater on a grand scale. Galalae said in an interview with Tasnim News agency that “extremists groups are the instrument with which the international community, by which I mean the West and its closest allies, seek to transform the Middle East without violating international law or asking the impossible from the UN Security Council, namely approving military incursions in sovereign countries to achieve desired political outcomes rather than respond to aggress

A Technique to Clear the Body for Natural Healing

How can we proactively detox and heal our bodies from the constant bombardment of toxic, air, water, food and electromagnetic radiation? In 2007, I had suddenly become allergic to everything. Over the course of 6 months, I went on 5 rounds of antibiotics to attempt to alleviate the intense pain from multiple bouts of 3 day migraines (my first time ever experiencing a migraine). The symptoms were similar to a sinus infection, yet they were different in the sense that there was no mucus in the exterior sinus cavity, but massive pressure in the interior sinus area. After the antibiotics wreaked havoc on my immune system and the ears/nose/throat specialist could offer nothing other than explo

The Future of Global Governance ~ Sustainable Development Goals ~ How? Why? When? by Kevin Mugur Gal

"This document frees the truth and presents the facts as they are and not as we wish them to be. Its purpose is to give policy makers a clear direction and concrete solutions, to draw civil society away from single issues and unite us in purpose, and to enlighten people with knowledge of the overall plan so we all know what we must do and move irresistibly towards the same goals." THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL GOVERNANCE THE FUTURE OF GLOBAL GOVERNANCE Sustainable Development Goals How? Why? When? "Our Earth is an indivisible whole, a perfect balance of myriad elements, animate and inanimate, coexisting symbiotically in a state of constant flux of indescribable grace and beauty, a cosmic dance that w

Dismantle the Compartmentalization Part 1 ~ Chemtrails by Eugene Irvin

A Plea to Dismantle the Compartmentalization & Collaborate on Solutions Eugene Irvin Co-Founder & Lead Field Researcher, A Call to Actions "Y'all I have tried to ask people for their help in bringing an open and well recorded atmospheric spraying operation to the public's attention. I have asked every single leading educator and activist From Dane Wigington, John Massaria , Amanda Williams, Russ Tanner, Troy Lessard, Michael J Murphy, Laura Eisenhower, and many more. I've even asked mainstream news contacts like Richard Ray and others. What is going on here??? Someone needs to speak up. Please take no offense in being tagged and named in this article. I've done so to share with you some of w

Morgellons, New World Order, Illuminati, United Nations, Masons, Transhumanism by Kandy Griffin Vand

We all see it We all feel it We all smell it We all hear it We all taste it and We all know it. Something is wrong. Even if we don't know exactly what it is, we know that something is just not quite right. The world is changing and it is changing fast. Life is not as it was, a short time ago. The world is different in many ways and for many reasons. There is, in effect a Grand master Plan for a New World Order. The Illuminati, The Bildeburgers, The Tri lateral commission, the United Nations, The Masons, The Vatican, ET's,Corporations, Big Pharma, Hollywood,Music,Mainstream Media,global government leaders, DARPA,HAARP and the military industrial complex are involved. The goal is to ha

Lightning: DARPA Funded Tool of War

Lightning: DARPA funded tool of war Lightning. To many, lightning is one of the most fascinating natural wonders of our Planet. This does not escape the attention of anyone including war profiteers. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is presently funding universities, with our taxes, to develop ways of manipulating, harnessing, creating and blasting lightning to designated areas onto Earth's surface. Real-life rays of death with death intended. Image: Florida Institute of Technology (DARPA funded TERA Project) No Human would consider inventing terrifying weapons that are made specifically to

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