Documents Proving Project Blue Beam Technology: The False-Flag Extra-Terrestrial Invasion

37 By now you may have heard about or been one of the first to view the leaked document showing Hillary Clinton's "Salvage Program". Then again, you may not have heard about it. The document is a seven-page last resort strategy plan in the case Clinton is not elected President. It details the findings/percentages of citizens' commitment, in various situations, to their favorable delegate. The document and plan entitled "SALVAGE PROGRAM" was created by the group known as Benenson Strategy Group, out of Washington, D.C.. Synopsis of Benenson Strategy Group's manipulative work: "We advise global corporations, political leaders, and institutions in dynamic, competitive scenarios. We und

The Terminator Algorithm is Here – Resistance is Crucial

Artificial Intelligence is speeding up like a lunatic behind the wheel of a Viper. Computer scientists at the Carnegie Mellon University have created the Terminator algorithm. The most notable research and development within A.I. is currently in the field of Deep Reinforcement Learning (DPL), which is, teaching an artificial agent to learn a policy when interacting in an unknown environment. In plain words, it is teaching a synthetic electronic system how to think and learn based upon previous experiences when introduced to an unfamiliar world... and in this example, it is taught to defend its life and earn points by killing. We as Humans see in three dimensions and make conscious decisi

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