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Documents Proving Project Blue Beam Technology: The False-Flag Extra-Terrestrial Invasion

By now you may have heard about or been one of the first to view the leaked document showing Hillary Clinton's "Salvage Program". Then again, you may not have heard about it. The document is a seven-page last resort strategy plan in the case Clinton is not elected President. It details the findings/percentages of citizens' commitment, in various situations, to their favorable delegate. The document and plan entitled "SALVAGE PROGRAM" was created by the group known as Benenson Strategy Group, out of Washington, D.C.. Synopsis of Benenson Strategy Group's manipulative work: "We advise global corporations, political leaders, and institutions in dynamic, competitive scenarios. We understand the rhythm and nuances of language and words. We give you the right words to use and much more. We map the competitive landscape so you know where to play and how to win." Benenson Strategy Group's corporate and political clients:

As we see here, the Clinton Foundation is a political client of Benenson The F.B.I. The F.B.I., now under control of James Neton, recently reviewed the document and determined it is a hoax. The Clinton Foundation and Benenson Strategy Group both denied the authenticity of the "SALVAGE PROGRAM" document as well. All we have seen so far with the F.B.I. in the Hillary Clinton case – nothing more than pardon after pardon, closed case after closed case, in what should add up to a very long prison conviction for her if indicted justly. Given the F.B.I.'s history in the Clinton case, their conclusion of "hoax" on this document does not surprise me... at all! The Salvage Options The SALVAGE PROGRAM lays out seven "Salvage Options" to salvage Clinton's spot in the white house if not elected. Some have gone on to say that this plan has been thwarted already because it has not occurred already after election day. I do not agree with this opinion. I believe we should keep our guard up at all times in the near future for a false-flag "Clinton Scenario". Hillary's SALVAGE PROGRAM – Seven "Salvage Options" Six Non-Recommended Salvage Options; One Recommended Salvage Plan

Documents Proving the Existence of 3-D Image Sky Projection Technology Example 1.) "AERIAL PROJECTION" – Patented September 22, 1936



VIEW FULL DOCUMENT HERE: Solutions Explain to any one who does not know what Project Blue Beam is, what it consists of. Expose this agenda by downloading the documents and providing this information to the masses.

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