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Canadian Political Activist said African-Americans & Other Minorities know the US government is

December 08, 2014

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A Canadian political activist said African-Americans and other minorities know that the government of the United States is at war with them.

Kevin Galalae, the leader of Human Rights Party of Canada and the founder of Center of Global Consciousness, said the fact that the US police kill African-Americans and no charge is brought against them "signals the implementation of policies aiming at the depopulation of Black Americans."

Since last Wednesday, the United States has been the scene of massive protests against racism and police violence. This was following a decision made by a New York jury not to press any charges against a police officer who had killed “Eric Garner”. A couple of other killings by the US police that mostly targeted African-Americans indicated that racism is widespread throughout the United States.

The interview between Tasnim News Agency and Kevin Galalae, who went on a hunger strike for 46 days at the Vatican in protest at human rights conditions in Western countries, is as follows:

Q- In recent days we saw that grand juries in New York and Missouri declined to bring charges against white officers in the death of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. How do you evaluate these events?

“Both the judiciary and the police services have been engaged to serve the depopulation objectives of the United States government, which is why we see that they serve the interests of injustice and not of justice. If you refer to my book, you will see compelling statistical evidence in the abrupt upward swing of the incarceration rate throughout the US and especially among minorities. This reflects the eugenic intentions of the depopulation architects, who are using the judiciary to destroy as many lives and families of the poor, the weak, the unemployed, the sick and of visible minorities as they can. To this end the executive and legislative branches of government have passed laws designed to destroy lives (such as the “three strikes law” and the “zero tolerance law”); laws that have criminalized formerly acceptable social behavior and that are punished with diabolically long sentences that have nothing to do with restorative justice and are diabolically punitive. And the police have been given a green flag to kill or arrest as many “undesirables” as they can and have been promised immunity from prosecution, which is why no police officer, regardless how heinous his abuse of power may be, has been convicted or will ever be convicted. To protect police officers from prosecution all the system needs to do is choose one or two jury members who will dissent from the rest and refuse to prosecute the offending officer.

You will also see evidence of the genocidal objectives of the American government in the law prohibiting feeding the homeless, of which several people have been criminally charged in Florida. The government wants to kill as many people as possible because it seeks to lower the population in line with the decarbonization objectives dictated by the UN and the greater international community. The target the US aims for is to lower the population down to a sustainable 164 million, as indicated by the Overshoot Index.”

Q- As you know the victims of these two cases are both African-Americans. Did this fact influence grand juries’ decisions?

“Yes, the system is perversely racist, which is why America’s prison population is overwhelmingly made up of blacks and Hispanics. By the way, the judiciary throughout the West and the police services have been encouraged by the executive and legislative branches of government to also arrest as many Muslims as possible, as a way to ethnically and religiously cleanse the western world. The West is in panic mode because Islam is spreading like wildfire throughout Europe and North America. Those who try to protect the rights of Muslims will have their lives and families destroyed, as they have done to me for defending the expressional rights of Muslims in academia. I have not seen my children in nearly four years and have had all my property confiscated by the state and have been thrown in jail on false charges six times because I defended Muslims.”

Q- How do you explain the anger of Black people in Missouri and other cities after grand jury’s decision?

“Black Americans as well as other minorities and the poor realize the government of the United States is at war with them. It is an undeclared and insidious war that has turned all institutions of state upside down and inside out to destroy as many families as possible. The anger is not only justified but long overdue and actually understated given the abuses people have to endure daily. If the government of the United States does not change course there will be civil war in the US within the next two years. And I see no evidence that the American government has any intentions of changing course.”

Q- Many Americans hoped that under the administration of Obama as a Black president, the living conditions of Black people in the US would get better, but what happened last week shows that the blacks can’t expect such improvements in the US. What is your opinion about it?

“The President is limited in his power and his loyalty is not with the people but with the social class that sustains him and that has made him what it is. He knows that support can disappear overnight and he can lose his social status as quickly as he gained it. He can be impeached and the media can be turned against him. Furthermore, the American system has been geared towards population control and eugenic measures since the 1920s. This cannot be changed overnight because the policies of the United States are informed by the racist sentiments of policy makers, who are almost exclusively white and Anglo-Saxon. More than anything these policies are rooted in geostrategic necessities and their success depend on continuity, on staying the course. To have an impact on such a system President Obama would need to be a lot stronger in his moral convictions and character than he is. He would have to confront the system full on and President Obama lacks the personality for such a confrontation. President Obama is a very decent man and his heart is in the right place but he is not a transformational president, which is what the US and the world urgently need.”

Q- Can we say that these events in Missouri and New York indicate that there is a big gap in the US society? How do you evaluate the US situation after huge protests in this country?

“The US suffers from far more than just a gap in society, as you put it. The US is the victim of systemic failure and this failure is engineered and therefore deliberate. The US government is calculated and intentional in its war on the poor, the weak and the foreign and this war is now encouraged by the environmental precipice we stand on as a civilization and as a species. Unless the US changes course the country will collapse into civil war. And the US will not change course unless the entire international community changes course away from covert to overt depopulation and decarbonization.”

Q- Is it possible that the protests in Ferguson become a turning point in these events?

“No, Ferguson is just another chapter in an era that is quickly coming to an end, the era of international peace and security through covert depopulation and overt globalization, the system that was put in place at the end of World War II and that for better or worse has preserved us from nuclear confrontation and from another world war.”

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