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Celebrated voice actress/ brave lone hero...fights congressional law that strips your right to oppos

San Diegan, Lani Minella, is working with celebrated attorney Andrew Campanelli, in the biggest fight yet to oppose Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act that says as long as any EMF/RF emitting tower or antenna is within the safety standards set in 1996, you cannot object to their installation due to health risks or loss of property value. It's well known that over 90% of rooftop cell antennas exceed the safety standards by up to 700%. No one is monitoring or requiring tests. FCC does nothing. Result is: tremendous increase in many forms of cancer including breast, prostate, early childhood leukemia, infertility, sleeplessness, chronic illnesses, reduced immune system responses and more. Low levels of EMF are breaking our DNA. Studies show a remarked increase in bee colony collapse and losses of bird, bat, and insect migratory species due to electro-pollution. This is the best case to date designed to call Section 704 unconstitutional as written and as applied because it strips you of the right to protect yourself in your own home, freedom of speech and more. Now, telecom installers are granted UTILITY status so they can put Distributed Antenna Nodes, Cell Towers and WiFi anywhere they want without your consent. Join us in our fight for your rights. Our lawsuit is already in Federal Court. You may email me for further information at

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