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Shungite! The EMF & Radiation Shielding Stone

How this miraculous stone ensures survival by protecting us and the bees from EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) and radiation

Shungite. Most have never heard of this miraculous stone, and for good reason. It is only naturally present at one place: Karelia, Russia. What makes this stone so special is due to it containing a very rare molecule known as the Fullerene. The fullerene's molecular structure is that of a sphere – which that alone is very unique. The fullerene acts like a tiny black hole in the sense that it vacuums in harmful quanta, then beams back a healing version of what toxin originally entered the shungite's fullerene. Crazy sounding, I know.

In this day and age, it is extremely important to shield and protect oneself and others from the harmful effects of EMF's, a.k.a. electro-magnetic frequencies. They are a form of radiation. EMFs are emitted from cell phone towers, wi-fi boxes, cell phones, electrical sockets, and pretty much anything electrical or electronic – even light bulbs. There is one small independent coalition of shungite scientists / entrepreneurs known as Cosmic Reality that bring EVERYTHING Shungite to the table: CLICK HERE TO HAVE SHUNGITE PROTECT YOUR HOME Shungite stickers for your phone ; Shungite magnets for your refrigerator ; Shungite stickers for your smart meters and electrical boxes ; Raw shungite stone nuggets ; Pendants / Necklaces ; Bracelets , they have it all.

In a study experimenting the effects of a human's exposure to cellphone radiation without any protective shungite sticker and then with a shungite sticker, the data shows this:


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