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DEATH BY DIFFUSION - A Call to Actions' First Full-Length Documentary Now Available on DVD

I am the filmer, editor, filmmaker of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant documentary.

It was created 100% independently. Only one other local company was used to help with sound and to actually get the final cut on to DVDs.

I have been in a very, very close investigative relationship, for about five years, with the nuclear whistleblowers in this documentary. I would go on to consider this documentary an investigative exposé, as it is the first strategic tool being used in a massive move about to occur in the Portsmouth area.

This documentary is a collage of in-depth interviews with prominent A-Plant whistleblowers. These whistleblowers are Dr. David Manuta, Vina Colley, Charles “Chick” Lawson, and Jeff Walburn. More than likely you have heard at least one of these names, and if you were at the right place at the right time you have had the opportunity to hear them speak.

The film digs into issues and crimes that have occurred at the plant since the initial construction in 1953. Evan at commencement, the plant was receiving shipments of plutonium-contaminated uranium that would forever contaminate the entire system. This activity was normal practice at the Portsmouth plant. The lack of real oversight by the Department of Energy and their contractors led to individuals in management making decisions that would put their workers in harm’s way. The fortunate ones lived through accidental radiation and chemical exposure, but not everyone was lucky enough to survive their exposures.

Manuta, Colley, Lawson, and Walburn have for the first time come together to tell the disturbing, true story of the Department of Energy’s murder racket at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

But, what makes it murder? Mass-murder for profit? Racketeering? Open your eyes and your ears as the largest, most unknown case of domestic nuclear crimes and corruption is disclosed.

There is only one place to purchase the DVD as of now: One the A Call to Actions' website: BUY DEATH BY DIFFUSION DOCUMENTARY BY CLICKING HERE

Truth + Unity = Triumph

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