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Humans & Androids: Cold Metal Cold War

Android – n. a mobile robot usually with a human form [“Android." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 31 May 2017.] Android, also known as “Anthropomorphic Robot”


Until very recently, the android has existed simply as a clunky, nuts-and-bolts robot with programmed orders – essentially a computer with arms and legs. The standards have been risen over the past decade with the rise of a Strategic Social Initiative: the 2045 Avatar Initiative.... ...and they want your brain as their operating system and power source! Past Meets Present Similar to the old technological/space race Cold War – which, among many other things, included interest in creating cyborgs to live in space – this new “cold war”, funded by both Russia and America, is a new technological race to create androids, avatars, and cyborgs. The 2045 Initiative was founded in February 2011 by Russian entrepreneur, Dmitri Itskov, with the backing of top Russian scientists in the fields of neurocybernetics and artificial intelligence. Included within the key members of the Initiative is Dr. Witali L. Dunin-Barkowski. Among many other credentials, he is President and Founder of the Russian Neural Network Society and Project Manager for Rebrain – 2045’s brain reverse engineering project for the Avatars C and D. He is currently working on a project he entitles, “The Code of the Mind”, which attempts to create computer algorithms of how the mind works in order to create an artificial nervous system for a full body android prosthesis. This initiative has now found its way into America by the recruiting and support of several “top-of-the ladder” figures including Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil and retired Archbishop of Ottawa of the Orthodox Church in America, Lazar Puhalo. Launched in April 2013, intending to create cyborgs and an artificial brain, Obama’s BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) budget for 2017 has surpassed the 2016 BRAIN budget by over 100 million dollars. The 2017 budget for the BRAIN Initiative is 434 million dollars. Alone, DARPA’s BRAIN budget for 2017 is 118 million dollars. This includes a project entitled The Neural Engineering System Design Program (NESD)” with the objective of creating neural implants that allow a soldier’s brain to interact with the digital world. Russia and the U.S. create conflict and competition between the two countries, while behind the scenes both countries are working together to advance the creation of a new species of conscious being: the Android. Currently, the 2045 Initiative have recruited 44,364 people whom have signed away their soul. The scope of it’s plans are arranged into four Avatar categories: A, B, C, and D – the recruits choose to purchase and accept one of the four Avatars for the fate of their brain and mind after their body has passed away. Avatar Milestones

[Image credit: 2045] Avatar A (2015-2020):

[Image credit:] A robotic copy of the human body, remotely-controlled via brain-computer interface (BCI); An anthropomorphic robot (android) remotely-controlled via a human brain. This technology was partially accomplished in 2009 in a collaborative project by Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd. (HRI-JP), Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Shimadzu Corporation when they successfully used BCI to facilitate the movement of their ASIMO bot. Research has been ongoing ever since by many parties to enable the most sophisticated version of this tech. One of the most advanced recent experiments was accomplished via cooperation by Joint Robotics Laboratory (JRL) from Tsukuba, Japan and the Interactive Digital Human group from Montpellier, France. In 2015, They used a BCI linking a man to a humanoid robot called HRP-2. The experiment was successful in allowing HRP-2 to pick up a can from a table, walk the can to the man and hand it to him; as well as picking up his hand in the second experiment – all remotely- controlled by human thought.

Images credit via the video, “An integrated framework for humanoid embodiment with a BCI” Damien Petit, Pierre Gergondet, Andrea Cherubini, Abderrahmane Kheddar. CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory (JRL), UMI3218/CRT, Tsukuba, Japan. CNRS-UM2 LIRMM, Interactive Digital Human group, UMR5506, Montpellier, France

Avatar B (Body B) (2020-2025):

[Image credit: 2045]

Full body prosthesis; support system for Vital Brain functions; i.e., an Avatar A or superior body onto which one’s brain or entire head is transplanted at the end of the health span of one’s biological body.

As of 2017, the only known-to-the public successful experiment that has been carried out is the transplantation of a monkey head onto another monkey’s body. Though, back in 1940, a mad Russian scientist by the name of Dr. S.S. Bryukhonenko at the Institute of Experimental Physiology and Therapy, Voronezh, U.S.S.R., conducted an experiment that resuscitated dead dogs; as well, Vladamir Demikhov transplanted a head successfully onto another dog that still had it’s original head attached – resulting in a two-headed dog. The longest survival was one month. These experiments were named “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms”. If these experiments were successful 77 years ago, then it is possible that Avatar B has already been successfully implemented in secret.


Images credit: Dr. S.S. Bryukhonenko and Vladamir Demikhov – "Experiments in the Revivial of Organisms"

_________________________ There is a company that has recently popped up called Humai. The term “humai” is an Ancient Indian term compounded from “hau” meaning “I”, and “mai” meaning “I”. “I maker, I doer.”

Humai = I, I. Pure ego. [Image source: Humai] Their goal is to be a for-profit company dedicated to pursuing what we know as the Avatar B. The company’s founder, Josh Bocanegra, claims the above statement via their Twitter page: “Artificial Intelligence is the new God”. (Artificial Intelligence is their new God.) AI is the mechanical work of Satan and will feel the full wrath of righteousness. Avatar C (Rebrain) (2030-2035):

[Image source: 2045] A completely non-biological body and brain into which one’s consciousness is transferred at the end of the health span of one’s biological body. This is the actual materialization of an android with no organic ingredients besides the consciousness of one who was previously human – a ghost trapped within a machine. This Avatar could only be successful by the studying and mapping of the entire human mind while it is

completely intact and in operation by a human. All human brain synapses would have to be understood in such a way to create an artificial version of the brain in order to upload a person’s consciousness/ mind into the synthetic version. The entire human body is synthetic, as well, in this Avatar. This is the actual materialization of an android with nothing natural besides the consciousness of one who was previously human – a ghost in the machine. To my knowledge, on-the-surface applications of this technology does not exist yet. But, of course it is possible this application has already been achieved secretly somewhere. Avatar D (2040-2045): The full breadth of the Avatar D is nearly incomprehensible at this time. For that reason, 2045 Initiative does not have an Avatar D diagram layout of constructive research departments. Hologram-like avatar that would have access to traverse the entire electronic grid and by using high-tech projectors of the time-frame 2040-2050, project itself anywhere at will. By that time, hologram projectors are expected to be common. Avatar D would have the ability to manifest itself anywhere on the planet; manifest a swarm of nanobots to assemble in order to construct an artificial body for the hologram of its conscious choosing. The Avatar D would have the accessibility of a conscious, wandering, electronic ghost with the ability to manipulate and construct itself – using nanobots – at will.

[Hologram Avatar D – Source:]

[Computer model of a self-conscious—assembling nanobot Avatar D – image source: 2045 video, “2045: A New Era for Humanity”] Tormented Minds – Possible High-Level Abuses Of Avatar Technologies As aesthetically sickening and humanely debasing this technology is, many people around this planet have already signed away their mind and brain for the furthering of a cold metal cold war agenda. They gave in – and sadly, more people are giving in every day. To them, this tech is not an intrusion on our sacred body temple and spirit. No! For they have willingly drank the blood of the machine and are now in the process of becoming one... forever. One must speculate that this was part of an evil plan from the beginning – the Ol’ baiting, hooking and reeling. In order to understand this concept more in depth, we must investigate 2045’s proposed plans with the technology. In a piece of literature written by the Initiative’s founder, Dmitri Itskov, entitled, “Practical Applications of Avatar Technology”, he explains what the avatars could be used for in common, every day life. He believes Avatars could be used for a wide variety of applications that humans currently perform but are very dangerous including rescuing and firemen. I do agree that it is less dangerous to use a remotely-controlled machine to dive in and rescue people from life- threatening situations like fires. Though, remotely-controlled droids will never be able to move as fluid and consistent as a real human. I believe this is one good reason that many highly-trained firefighters would agree that it is more worth risking oneself to save another life, than risking the lives of others that need rescued due to a possible electronic malfunction or lack of dexterity with the avatar. Also, this is introducing society to the concept of a new-kind-of drone: The humanoid drone. And once society accepts that, they are ready for the next application – so we definitely need to be aware of the social conditioning and programming associated with new technologies. Android Army Itskov believes that Avatars of the future should replace humans in enforcement jobs including Police, Secret Services and the Department of Defense. He believes this is going to be a revolution in war fighting. He is pitching the idea for he and his company to profit off the killing of Humans at the bloody hands of the Avatars. In the article mentioned above, he writes:


“The people of the future will not take direct part in battles themselves not to risk their lives and health. Avatars will let soldiers defend the world from terrorists and other threats being hundreds and thousands miles away from them. The soldiers won’t be wounded kidnapped or killed. They won’t need food or housing, either. Avatars are faster and stronger than the most prominent soldiers....”


Does the movie Terminator come to mind when reading this? He actually wants to use anthropomorphic robots controlled by human brains for war purposes! One of their goals is to have these Avatars linked together as one collective network: a collective behavioral control system– a Skynet. When it comes to war, ruthlessness has always been a trend; and having the advantage using state-of- the-art strategic technology is much sought after. So, ethics are usually set aside for their purpose of winning their war game. The inhumanity could run very deep when using humans to control their Avatars for war. What’s talked about is using remotely-controlled by human thought, Avatar A’s, for war. What is not talked about is if the human body would still be present and intact on a fully functioning human or if the brain would be completely isolated from the body and put on it’s own life-support system. (2045 is currently working on creating a life-support system for the brain in order to transfer the “still-alive” brain into the Avatar B.) These isolated brains on life-support would be deeply wired to an invasive brain- computer interface that extracts brain activity in order to control a remote object, and in this case the object would be an Avatar/android war fighter. As a way to create a larger army, it is possible they would receive donations from people who have donated their brains to science and they would probably remove the still- alive brains from kidnapped war prisoners and threats to their agenda. With an underground base of brains being kept alive, in rows of thousands, do the minds of these brains actually believe they are the androids thousands of miles away fighting a war or would they know that they are a brain in a vat? More than likely, the mind would have no idea that it is actually imprisoned with thousands of others, being used as a slave to perpetuate a war. Slave Labor This same concept of using the Avatar A (a robotic copy of the human body that is remotely-controlled via brain-computer interface) could be used as a way for individuals to perform labor and work. The maniac, Dmitri Itskov, believes it will be a labor revolution – “Avatar as a Remote Work Method”. So, instead of the Human actually getting their lazy butt out of bed, they could just put on their mind-controlled 2045 headset and send his Avatar to work instead. This is the sparkly, candy cane idea of Mr. Itskov, but what he isn’t telling you is that he may have to harvest your brain and leave your body out of it. You may have been willingly controlling the Avatar before, now they want you to work as a slave army for them. All they needed from you was your brain. They may harvest many brains for this. So, do not sign up. Barbie Girls Mr. Itskov also targets individuals who have been trained to believe that they are not good enough or pretty enough. He calls this the “Show Business and Cosmetology Revolution”. When one lives in a material world, they may end up becoming a material product. He believes that anyone may be able to look slim, young, and pretty even in their older years. It’s what the pop stars want! It’s the dream of kings and queens! So, 2045’s solution is to strip away your human body and receive a full body prosthesis. Yes, they want your head and/or brain removed from your body (because they believe it is very limited and fragile compared to the technology they can create) then, transplanted onto your customized Avatar B Android body. This is known as a full body prosthesis. People get cheek implants and face lifts because they believe they are not pretty enough, and these same people believe that a completely new body should make up for ALL of their delusional imperfections. A Perfect example of being baited and hooked! Speaking of Barbie Girls, there exists a woman who goes by the name, Natasha Vita-More. She is on the front line of attempting to artfully seduce society into believing that the future of Humanity is attained through transforming ourselves into a product. In her designs, she prototypes what she believes to be the perfect being: The PRIMO posthuman - a product of Ageless 2030

[Image Source:] For more information on Natasha’s madness, see her credentials. Manipulation of the Voiceless Still in the same article mentioned above, by Dmitri Itskov, he explains the potential use of Avatars to assist the chronically disabled:


"With a mind-controlled avatar, the disabled would get access to all the opportunities healthy people have, and could perform any job, even the hardest ones."


I understand that disabled individuals deserve all of the rights that we do, and that does include the freedom of choice. With that said, a severely disabled person may not have the luxury of communicating at all. They would not be able to communicate their wish to be used as a worker on some of the Planet’s hardest jobs. They would rely entirely on the consent of their closest family member or legal guardian. In some cases, the only legal guardian someone has is the state. These include child foster services, mental hospitals, developmental centers, and research hospitals for chronically ill and disabled individuals – all including wards of the state. These individuals have been given over from parents who are simply irresponsible or can’t afford to be to the guardian of a child, or have been repossessed by the state due to a court action requiring the parent to hand over the child. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Office for the Protection of Research Subjects Institutional Review Board, in a document entitled, “Research Involving Children (Including Wards of the State)” defines a ward as:


" WARD: A ward means any child who is placed in the legal custody of the state or other agency, institution, or entity, consistent with the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. (21 CFR 50.3(g). In Illinois, a ward of the state includes but is not limited to a child placed by court under the guardianship of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. In Illinois, children placed in foster care are wards of the state. (Juvenile Court Act of 1987, 705 ILCS 405/ 2-7). "


This does not just occur with children, it occurs with all ages. The elderly living within the confines of a nursing home are property of the state and may also be used. In the conclusion paragraph for Itskov's article, he states:


“The “Avatar” project is just the beginning , it is the first small step into the future. Avatar creation would become the first stage of the way to immortality and space expansion. Mankind would be released from the threat of destruction due to wars, earthquakes and other disasters. A man will see the thrilling possibilities an avatar gives him, and will desire to transfer his mind into this immortal artificial body. After the mind transfer into an artificial body there will be no limits to customize and improve the body, for example, to turn into a nano-cloud made of millions of nanobots, or into a hologram. This will open a new epoch – an epoch of immortal neo-humans and super-humans. The epoch of a new civilization – the future.”


Now, Mr. Itskov is contradicting himself in this statement when he says, “Mankind would be released from the threat of destruction due to wars...” Earlier on in the article, he states that one practical application of an avatar would be for soldiering by the Department of Defense. This is perpetuating a new kind of war. When he uses the term “Mankind”, it seems that he is only speaking of who he deems necessary to be called man – he and his post-human “New Men”. But, what about every one else who does not support a posthuman future? We are the ones they may want to wage war with to ensure the endurance of their “new civilization” of brain harvesting and androids; DNA synthesis and artificial life; a new era where soulless artificial intelligence governs the Human species. If this is the post-human future 2045 and other inhumans wants, it is my pleasure to form a Resistance again these possessed machines and their invasion upon Humanity. They are a direct existential threat to the integrity and survival of organic Humanity and the natural Planet. Keep Resisting.


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