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Google: Invading Your Home, Stealing Personal Information while Disguised as Techno-Convenience Hero

Google – the seemingly harmless search engine that many people could consider their virtual friend – has been working on a couple more personal privacy invading projects. To what point are people going to choose their personal privacy over their personal convenience and refrain from using Google? Google, derived from the subatomic measurement word "googol", which means "the number equivalent to 10 to the 100th power, or 1 with 100 zeros following – it is quite a large number. They have not digressed from this in any means either. At the time of writing this article, Google has bought out, absorbed and acquired 230 companies ranging in the fields from home monitoring, to location-based analytics, to artificial intelligence, robotics and drones. Provided to the right is a list of Google's acquisitions

Now, I will begin on their personal information harvesting. Below I have provided Google's Privacy Policy. The first is the raw version, last modified by Google on August 29th, 2016. The second, I have highlighted and made appropriate notes.

Google Privacy Policy
Google Privacy Policy (with highlights and notes)

Google Products + You = Personal Privacy Invasion Recently, Google has released a few new products that seem to be very convenient, but knowing how much personal information they admit to collecting, would you sacrifice your privacy for them? Google Assistant; Google Home; Google Pixel; Google-Android Smartwatches (Google owns Android) On May 18, 2016, Google announced the unveiling of a new product for assisting you throughout your daily life. This product goes by the name Assistant. It takes commands, answers questions and does just about anything that an artificially intelligent entity that does not have arms or feet can do. Google is integrating this new tech into various devices including the Google Home speaker, Google's new phone called the Pixel and Google smart watches. What is the catch? We seen back in 2013, documented proof found Google guilty of secretly sliding Unites States citizens' personal information to the NSA under Project PRISM. We are still seeing Google outsource our personal information, and this does not stop with the creation of new "convenient" products and applications that not only pose as assisting us with our questions and tasks in order to collect sensitive and personal intelligence about us as individuals, but also monitor our vital signs and feed this information to "partners" and/or by deemed "enforceable government request". [ leaflet via: Google Privacy Policy document, pg. 4 ]

There is no exception for the Google Home speaker. It is a Google product and has the same privacy invasion policy as any other Google product. Allowing one of the most advanced artificial intelligences into your home to control your "smart" home environment could do you more harm than good. The speaker is on at all times, synced with your Assistant, and is listening to every thing that happens and is spoken within your personal living space – this is a home invasion disguised as a convenience neccessity. And remember, the NSA is listening. Google has a track record of selling out our personal (human) information to the machine and agencies who take orders from the machine. They have been found guilty and deserve boycotting now. Solution One solution to resolving the problem known as "Google" is to use alternative search engines: The second solution is to refrain from using data harvesting computer components such as smartwatches and "fitness applications" that harvest your body's internal operations.


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