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God and Satan are Very Real

We are sharing this post (see link below) from a dear friend that put these details together in a very informative manner. Please share the truth as it is our responsibility to bring this knowledge to those who are still walking in darkness and delusion just as Satan would have you be; dazed, confused, distracted and caught up in those things that do not truly matter. This is a spiritual war for souls. God Bless You!

Matthew 6:19-21(KJV)

19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

"God is real and literal, so is Satan. If you miss the reality of this, you are navigating and making decisions within your life based upon false information. If you believe in Yahweh and Yeshua then you are at least one step ahead of the game. If God is true, then so is his word and promises. If we believe something contrary to the information, he has given us then we believe a lie. What does he say about Satan and how he relates to us? We were deceived by Satan in the garden and disobeyed God and now must live in a fallen state in a fallen world. Satan’s tactics are the same as they were back then. He questioned and denied what God said, enticed with knowledge (information), and tempted using the lie that we can be as God’s. He was cast down from heaven for trying to overthrow God in the heavenly realm. He was God’s most powerful creation, far different than the devil images propagated to us all of our life. In reality he would be a beautiful being…attractive and smart. For his choice to disobey the structure established by the creator he was cast to the earth until the Day of Judgment. I really like how the book of Adam and eve shows his relentless attacks but always stopped and subjected to God still.

Anyways, we did the very same thing when we were deceived by him and lost our bodies of light as described in Adam and eve. Satan hates humans, created in God’s own image he wants to separate us from God in any way possible. He succeeded in the garden, and he is still at it today. Scripture tells us that he is the father of all lies, like a crouching tiger waiting to strike, and wants to lie cheat, kill, and destroy by any means possible. Sound like anything that is manifested in the physical realm right now??? Throughout all of humanity ever since the garden he has been doing the very same things. This is the backdrop that we must understand all history from. This is the back-drop we must understand the things happening right now from. Satan tried to establish his own structure, outside of the creators established system, to take dominion over it by overthrowing the established system, to sit him upon a throne, to dictate and rule over all. The scenery may have changed, but the goals, tactics, lies, and strategies have not changed one bit. He wants to overthrow Gods structure and rule over all. Any other way we see it only leaves us working with bad information.

History shows us the same cycles repeating over and over, often not really making a lot of sense the way we are thought. Now Satan’s grip has gotten stronger and it is much easier to manipulate and control information… that’s how he works. Unlike the creator who literally spoke matter into existence, Satan cannot create something from nothing or new matter. Because he cannot do what God alone is able to do he relies on technology and deception to appear as powerful and one in authority. On this earth to establish himself as God he uses all the same tactics to accomplish his plans and goals. He comes with false signs and lying wonders as scriptures describe it. Information is a big way he works. He is also described as the prince of the air…airwaves??? WiFi???Cell data???HAARP???CERN??? Revelation says his number will be 666. 6 in Hebrew is W… 666=www!! The internet. Barcodes use bars of different widths and converts them to numbers and matches the numbers to product information. It is on everything you buy…more information to manipulate.

The information read by barcodes is contained in 3 longer bars that tell the reader where to start and where the code ends. They do not relate to the product, but all products have them. The numerical value of these lines is 6, and there are 3. Every item purchased from a store is marked with 666. This is an interesting fact to consider. Google’s symbol is 3 6’s pushed together. That’s a huge amount of searches that Americans do. Google, which comes in every single android phone having full administrative rights to do anything it wants really. Back up contacts and texts for safe keeping? Most do. Use Google for E-mail, then you are using the beast system. Satan is technology! Technology is how he accomplishes his goals and tactics far more efficiently in our current time. God can speak and control weather or matter; Satan must use geoengineering and HAARP, or CERN to try doing this. God can speak healing into people; Satan uses western medicine to dabble in that realm. Since he is not God he must use technology to accomplish his goals and try to establish himself as God. He uses this artificial power to build his kingdom, but at the very same time he uses them to lie, cheat, destroy and deceive us all. Next to God he is the craftiest being ever created, he has been around far longer than us. He has been building lie upon lie, sign upon sign, and he has done an amazing job quite honestly.

Satan realized a long time ago that he has no power over one of God’s directly. In order to have power over them he must either separate them from god by believing a lie and living in sin, or use the free will of another human. God did not create us to be robots; he created us in his own image, co-creators having the free will to choose freely. Love is a choice that turns into an emotion after. There cannot be true love without the free will to choose to love. If we do not want to accept him and his way, he will let us go to play in Satan’s playground. This freewill to love or do good things means freewill to hate or do evil. This is where Satan gets crafty; the serpent is cunning and far smarter than any human. Knowing that God has given human flesh this freewill Satan uses all of his same tactics to manipulate information to program people to freely choose to fulfill his will in the flesh. He cannot directly attack us so he uses human freewill to his advantage.

Satan loves to manipulate information, how much easier is it with technology! He lures with hidden knowledge, suppresses truth, lies completely, or manipulates info. Just look at the progression the further technology advances. Understanding this really helps keep the rest in perspective though, it creates the foundation that everything is built upon. He uses technology to separate us from God and establish a false God-like status. He tries to mimic everything that God has created and you really can see it in everything. He manipulates information and deceives humans to choose his will over God to keep us from discovering that the real battle has already been won. In those days it will be as in the days of Noah it was stated. This makes a lot more sense when we read books that didn’t make the cannon such as the book of Enoch. This book explains the Nephilim and fallen angels, genetic manipulating long ago, chaos, tainting creation. Remember Satan manages information to accomplish his will, in this instance he hid information and manipulated the free will of humans long ago to leave that book out.

The bible is not one book, it is many. God said he would protect his word but not that he would bundle it all together nicely in one package as we find it now. Satan has done the best he could to suppress books that offer us a clearer picture of God and truth. Then we can see another progression going back to the scientific method. All of creation up until 500 years ago everyone knew that we were on a flat still created plane as scripture states it to be. The scientific revolution started the idea that the earth moved and was not flat. Next comes the idea that we evolved from apes, survival of the fittest, the big bang theory, etc. Science tells us nearly everything about us is the opposite of what God says. Satan shows his artificial power with false signs and lying wonders far greater, the greater the technology is to do so. Just look at the state of our civilization starting with the scientific revolution. Science says we are getting better and better, God tells us that we were amazing and now live in a fallen nature, fallen, body, on an earth that was mangled and scarred from the flood. This is a desert compared to what is once was. The fact is that we have been getting worse and worse as time passes. We keep repeating the same cycles over and over and over. This is really what the majority of the books of the bible tell; how we continually fall away from God and there is chaos as a result. There is either a revival or destruction. Satan wants you to live passively thinking that there is nothing you can do….you are just one person. Scripture shows us that one person can, does, and has many times before changed the entire course of history. One man obeyed and built an ark, would have been viewed as insane, mocked, and ridiculed. The building of the ark took 100 years to build! Thanks to that one obedient man all people since Noah have existed. We all come from him and his bloodline. One person’s sin caused every person after to live in a fallen state…one person. One person slayed a giant. Noah lived in a time much like the time we live now….was it over? The actions of those that heard from the creator decided what happened next. In Isaiah’s time I imagine it was much like it is now, maybe worse. The majority of people turned their backs on God and his ways. What did God do? He drew him into his presence, helped him see the uncleanness of him and all people….but also his willingness to forgive and pour out his mercy. One person can and always has changed the course of everything that is, and now is no different. God judged when no one heard his call. He is the same God now as always prior, capable of forgiveness or the punishment that is due. Any person in a place that God can use like he always has will be used the same as all times prior if you want to be drawn into his presence. If you strive for truth and what is right, if you trust his ways beyond the logic of our fallen world. He will never force us to be there. He is waiting right now, asking who will go…who will stand in and declare my authority. But sadly most are overtaken with hopelessness, illness, distracted, and their mind is clouded with lies. Who will go??? Who has not given up???

Satan does not see things from such a narrow window as we do; he has seen the progression of all flesh from the start. He knows what we want, he knows how we think, and he knows how things not only affect our lives but generations and generations after. His perspective is much wider than ours as he knows us better than we know ourselves. Once we were on a ball the progression continued and more and more believed the lies in place of truth. Now we have generations later where people have been trained that everything is random and explained, we are insignificant, God can’t be real, so we better have fun while we are here. Just think there is no climate change on a flat earth. Just as God is line upon line and precept upon precept, Satan is lie upon lie, deception upon deception. He knows how to destroy families, he knows how it affects future generations, and he knows how to use these damaged children to fulfill his will.

Now if we see that all roads either lead to God or Satan, we can look at a little more history. Just as God has his people and his influence in the physical, so does Satan. If you are not for one you are against them. If you are not for either, you are walking blind in Satan’s playground and against them both. You need to look back and look at the knights Templar and what they were about, their goals, and what happened to them. What started out for God was tainted and manipulated but then discovered and disbarred hundreds years ago. Groups like this are Satan’s hands and feet in the flesh. Deceiving at all levels, using all the same tactics. Once shut down the establishment merely evolved and became more covert and then started the first freemason lodge eventually. We can see the evolution of Satan manipulating flesh, but we didn’t evolve lol. Freemasonry has evolved and manipulates its own even. 90% of freemasons do good things and think they are a part of something innocent that does good. If they are supposed to do something they do it, seemingly harmless because Satan keeps everything isolated it offers more and more deceptive power. The majority of the members involved do not even realize that at the top of the ladder they worship Satan. If you want to learn some real history the research the trilateral commission, council on foreign relations, knights Templar, freemasonry, Bilderburg group, skull and bones, Thule society, the real story of Hitler, the KGB, the federal reserve, targeted individuals, Morgellons Disease, funvax, electronic harassment, who owns the media, chemtrails, nanotechnology, mind control, fluoride in the water, the trillion dollar ball earth lie, cern, haarp, project blue beam, Pluto on Pluto, satanic rituals in all genres, Gcmaf, New world order, who really sells the drugs in this country, big pharma, FDA corruption, suppressed cures, food grade hydrogen peroxide, MMS and malaria, magnetic healing curing cancer in the 60s, peroxide curing cancer and nearly everything else in the 60s, rife technology, dirty electricity, double lined water pipes, heavy metal toxicity aka Alzheimer’s and MS, GMOS, the Lyme disease epidemic, the Georgia guide stones, forced vaccinations, who created the Zika virus and when, who owns the federal reserve and where our gold went, and the list could go on and on.

Look at these things with what I just wrote in perspective, the backdrop that has been the driving force through all known history. Can’t you see it???? Hiding in plain sight! The new world order is not new it has been building for over 6,000 years. All aspects of it and how it has formed are the very same agenda Satan has always had. This is the beast system spoken of in revelation. It has gotten to this same point and worse over and over throughout history and there has been revival after revival, mercy after mercy. The only difference now is technology…. Satan’s power via deception, false signs, and lying wonders. He is not in reality any different than he was any other time that his plans were uprooted and overthrown…he cannot be. The only difference is that he is now able to utilize technology in ways that hide the creator and his power from flesh, distract, and deceive. We live our lives based upon what we believe. Information dictates what think, what we think dictates how we act, and how we act either honors or dishonors the creator and his establishment. If Satan can control the information, in turn he can control all flesh.

Freemasonry, illuminati, New world Order are all just fingers on Satan’s hand in the flesh. When you understand how he works you see it so clearly. The people under his will are the same people that control this jacked up financial system which stole all of our gold and prints debt. Some people can see big things that are being attempted, being done, or already completed by the groups but never realizing exactly how it works….the mechanism. We know Satan’s tactics to lie, cheat, steal, destroy, to manipulate the free wills of human beings….and we know that freemasons are actually under his will. Their group is further than just these people, or Illuminati’s, or big picture people. You need to see the little picture people on the ground level. The people controlling the drug realm, using that to control at lower levels to keep people sedated, and make profits. You can see how he has used his deceptive art to control on many levels far reaching.

This is the beast system mentioned in revelation. It is not a person; it is this system which is in place. There is a very large group of people who use these same tactics of Satan, technology, false signs and lying wonders. These people infiltrate and manipulate the same way that Satan has enticed them …information. …..hidden knowledge. Knowledge kept from us, knowledge they shouldn’t have. This is very direct and impossible to fight unless you understand how it works….the mechanism. When you see the mechanism used you can change the outcome. Satan has done a great job, keep us sick and dumbed down, indoctrinate us in public schools, hidden the image and power of the one true God. God says my people suffer for lack of knowledge. We live our lives based upon what we believe; the real battle is not in the flesh. We decide based upon what we believe. We believe what we believe based upon the information we have. Satan manipulates information to accomplish his will. Where do we get our information from typically? Google??? The mark of the beast, on the internet….the mark of the beast!"

Now we focus on solutions and Pray God's Word Without Ceasing!

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Click on the image below for the full article on how to pray for protection with God's Word!


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