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Resist the Invasion! New Company, Galvani Bioelectronics, Wants to Implant Everyone

The conglomerate that has crept its way into every computer device and every private home in America since 2015, Alphabet, Inc., has taken the next step towards invading our bodies and minds.


With the correct set of eyes, one can see that The Machine uses our comfort zones as weaknesses in deploying its invaders.

In this example, health and medicine are being utilized to the advantage of The Machine's burglary of Nature: What nature and natural medicine carry out, The Machine is attempting to home in on, reverse-engineer then overthrow.

First, we need to know that as of October, 2015, Google has become a subsidiary of Alphabet,inc. Google (even as a subsidiary) has bought out & absorbed 197 companies.

Galvani Bio-Electronics

Alphabet's life science company that was formerly known as Google Life Sciences, Verily, has joined forces with the med/bio pharma-science corporation, GlaxoSmithKlyne, to spark the all-new bioelectronic company known as Galvani Biolelectronics. The company is so new that there is not even a website yet.

The new company's goal is to install biological and chemical sensing microchips into patient's nerve clusters. This information is then uploaded to Galvani's "cloud" that gives them (as an owner of the medical implant) live information on the natural biological processes of the human implantee. This information is catalogued and libraried based on the individuals ethnicity and ailment. What this does for the advancement of The Machine's knowledge on Humans is uncanny and a raping of our natural systems.

GlaxoSmithKlyne's Bio-Electronics video

Verily's Introduction Video

Verily Video Disection

• In Verily's only video so far, their introduction video, a scientist exclaims at the beginning, "There is no user manual for the Human being. A new car has up to 400 different sensors. You know the oil pressure. You how much air's in your tires. But we don't do that with people! "

Comparing Humans to a machine and rhetorically implying that we need these sensors is extremely condescending on both a physical and spiritual level. We as Humans have millions of times more sensors than a car – ours is ingrained within us at a DNA level from birth. A machine can never come close to this efficiency and performance.

• At the 44 second mark, this same scientist goes on to say, "Instead of episodic-reactive healthcare we should promote preventative and proactive healthcare ".

What he is saying is that implanting people with health monitoring devices in order to monitor and detect a threat is Verily's vision of preventative health. What he may not know is nature provides preventative medicine in the form of herbs and botanicals. Boosting the immune system with medicinal mushrooms, essential oils and various other immunity boosters is much much cheaper and works in sync with the bodies natural chemistry. If there is an ailment, nature, not The Machine, provides the solution.

• At the 1 minute 8 seconds mark, a woman admits, " We want everyone to be part of this movement ".

What she is saying in other words is, "We want everyone to be implanted and monitored on a chemical and biological level."

This could lead to directed biological targeting of an individual as well.

• At 1 minutes 23 seconds into the video, we see a close up video fast-motioned collage of many people's eye. We can easily see that the pupils are made to look like reptilian/slit pupils – this speaks for itself.

Science with Deadly Side-Effects

Regardless, Galvani intends to work by utilizing GlaxoSmithKlyne's vast knowledge of medical science including their pre-clinical knowledge of bioelectronics. Verily will contribute their expertise of miniaturization of electronic devices and software. Together they will be funding in total 713 million dollars over the next seven years.

Implanting an electronic device into one's body may sound lovely to some people who have burdened themselves with taking pills, remembering when and how to take them correctly and having to get them refilled. Often prescriptions cause more harm to the body than good. So, an implant may sound like a miracle to some of those people but, they would not go without side-effects that could be much worse than those of prescriptions.

Side-effects could include:

1.) Over-stimulation of the targeted area

2.) The body's complete rejection of the implant

3.) Extreme nervousness

4.) Chronic shaking

5.) Uncontrollable twitching

6.) Extreme sensitivity to electronic devices – leading to electromagnetic interference and shutdown of the implant

7.) Rupturing and inflammation of tissue around the implant leading to tumors and cancer

Their Transhuman Agenda

But, just like any project within the biotech industry, there is an agenda behind bioelectrical implants. Their goal is transhumanism - posthumanism. By people accepting implants (with a smile on their face) for chronic medical reasons brings people much closer to accepting implants for other reasons including personal identification and more-convenient-than-cash-or-credit payment methods.

It is no new knowledge that we live in a society that wants everything on demand: Food, entertainment, information ... and now medicine – so much to the point of handing over control of our nervous system to an implanted computer. This conditions society to believe The Machine implant is helping us. Once society accepts this as normal, the next step is taken: Brain implants on a local level in the name of medicine. Cyborgs will be a normal part of our every day encounters.

It is possible if society accepts this invasion of our bodies and minds, we will see "App Stores for the Mind". This, where instead of digitally visiting your computer or phone's app store and downloading an application of your choosing, one would physically visit the local app store down the road. One could select from their categories ranging from articles, books, games, movies, and even simulated environments; pick from its selection and have the application/media of their choosing implanted/downloaded into their already existing input device via closely coupled invasive brain-computer-interface – similar to how we transfer information from a flash drive onto our laptop or desktop computer.

We can see how non-invasive augmented reality in the form of Pokemon Go is manipulating people's minds on a massive level. They have been fed a taste and they will want more and more unless they are shown what they are falling for.

Solution to the Invasion

I have provided you a scenario of the future that may exist unless we say no to accepting The Machine's invaders into our bodies and minds.

We are Human. We are not medical subjects. We are not cyborgs. We must keep our temple pure.

See through their manipulations and attempted burglary of our temple.

Use natural medicine such as herbs and oils.

Resist the Invasion.

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