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RoboRoach: Unethical Neuro-Cybernetics Toy Strikes Massive Controversy

The company known by the name of Backyard Brains has showed us openly what they stand for with their new line of products that aim to strip away the natural right of movement amongst the animal. They are using cockroaches as a “gateway experiment” for young, curious teens interested in neuroscience – the science of the brain and it’s innerworkings. In their new product, dubbed the RoboRoach, anyone remotely interested in

neuroscience can take full unethical advantage of a living being. Of course, this is not the introduction of this technology. (This tech dates back to the early 1960’s when NASA over-a-decade long crew of Nazis were attempting to recreate man to live in space) Anyways, this product is sold as a "toy" with no consideration for the living, thinking, feeling creature involved. Because most people think of roaches as being dirty, disgusting, disease-carrying critters, most people seem to be somewhat okay with humans taking full advantage of the insect’s neurological free-will. This is considered the master-slave system. Humans have routinely and dominantly taken advantage of others to the scale of creating new systems of slavery to meet their craving for importance and profit. The master-slave system can be rooted back to the original slaves: Humans and Animals being used into forced labor for the greed of individuals, companies or for transportation. Centuries after, it is used in the machinic sense of one machine part controlling another. The current master-slave case we are focused on here is in the realm of neuro-cybernetics. Is it too far off to consider those who mutilate another living creature in the name of “scientific advancement” for the science-industrial complex – which has direct holds with government regulatory bodies – as being working arms and legs of the larger machine? What Backyard brain is attempting to do is sexy-up the concept of remote-control of another living creature. This is a complete hijacking of teens minds and interests by taking advantage of societies interest in electronic devices including drones. They have their schematic ways of pulling in the right crowd. They are attempting to do this by using appropriated font and wording.

• They use what looks like child writing and drawings to pull in the young mind (as seen above) •

RoboRoach Video

Do not be pulled into their game of manipulation. This is conditioning and desensitizing to further societies interest in neurocybernetics and cyborgs – thus attempting to mold the public into believing cyborgs are cool and animals are just tools of the experiment. By using live creatures in this process, the experimenter would want to further his or her research onto the human. This “toy” is being used as a recruiting tool. Do not buy it or buy into it. Please sign the petition against this inhumane and unethical product. Petition HERE

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