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The Soldier-Cyborg Transformation :The Military's Inhumane Vision to"Be All You Can Be"

Be All You Can Be” – the motto of Earth’s most aggressive and persistently violent team of death adders: The United States ARMY. The ARMY states this in a catchy way- convincing many that joining is the best you can do for yourself by improving yourself, upgrading yourself. Being all that you can be once you have raped sacred lands of all human dignity and enforced a terror state amongst the children and women? Is that the best the United States Citizen can be? Of course not, the military wants more & more! More, of course, in a techno-integro sense. What they want are cyborgs: Remotely-controlled man/machine trans-humans that have stripped away all dignity and will to the hands of war.

To provide funding for these projects, loyal citizens are needed: tax-paying citizens. Ripping the pockets so deep that blood is drawn from the tax paying citizen is standard operation for keeping a nation “secure”. But, what do I mean by that? Let’s start with a portion of our tax dollars. From the UNCLASSIFIED­­ document: Department of Defense Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Budget Estimates March 2014 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Defense Wide Justification Book Volume 1 of 5 Research,Development,Test & Evaluation,Defense-Wide

The above highlighted states: (1) The Bio/Info/Micro Sciences project will explore and develop potential technological breakthroughs that exist at the intersection of biology, information technology and micro/physical systems to exploit advances and leverage fundamental discoveries for the development of new technologies, techniques and systems of interest to the DoD. Programs in this project will draw upon information and physical sciences to discover properties of biological systems that cross multiple scales of biological architecture and function, from the molecular and genetic level through cellular, tissue, organ, and whole organism levels.

What this mission description is talking about in real-life terms is: DARPA’s Bio/Micro/Sciences project is researching and developing systems from reverse-engineering the human body via artificially general intelligent computers: computers where human neural synaptic information has been reverse-engineered then uploaded into the computer itself to produce “general intelligence” within a machine. This r&d aims to find ways to “improve” human performance via mapping of the entire human body (inside and out) at a molecular and whole-body level to develop a myriad of prosthetics, including multi-array brain stimulating microchips and brain prosthetics, for the human organism, as a war-fighter, to increase strategic battlefield effectiveness with all conditions put into research and compartmentalized for individual human genetic make-up.

Now, let’s move on to another document covering issues of the military’s involvement in cyborg research for future soldiers.

This key unclassified document, written on May 26, 1998, is a potent 44-page “STRATEGY RESEARCH PROJECT” paper written for the United States Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. The document is titled: THE SOLDIER-CYBORG TRANSFORMATION: A FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES OF FUTURE WARFARE, written by Lieutenant Colonel Donald A. Gagliano, M.D. The following consists of my own selected excerpts from the doc followed with my personal input (initialed PI). •Extract from the ABSTRACT on page iii: “Combining man and machine to enhance innate soldier capabilities is the hallmark of a soldier-cyborg transformation. Increasing the man-machine interface in the unpredictable environment of war has enormous potential to change the human dimension of war. This paper discusses the issues of values, ethics, and leadership concerning technologically advanced armed forces as they move warfare into the unfamiliar world of the cyborg.” [PI]: The author admits that the future of warfare is a battlefield of cyborgs. Thus, admitting that the cybernetic-organism’s initial creation is for the purpose of warfighting. –––– •Extract from the PREFACE on page vii: “This paper is written as a part of the Army After Next Program at the United States Army War College. It represents an integration of my (the authors) personal experience, expertise, and research on the soldier-cyborg phenomenon and the effect of cyborgization on warfare in the time frame of the Army After Next, 2025-2030 A.D." [PI]: The Army After Next Program time-frame coincides with the Global Future 2045’s Avatar Project. Where, by 2025 they wish to have created the first commercial copy of the Avatar B – an Avatar in which a human brain is transplanted into at the end of one’s life. And, by 2030, they look to have created an artificial brain for Avatar C (Rebrain) – an Avatar with an artificial brain in which a human personality is transferred into at the end of one’s life. Do we really need androids, with human minds uploaded into their synthetic brains, strapped with tools of death walking freely and programmed to slaughter? Absolutely not. –––– •Extract from page 1 and page 2: “A cyborg––short for cybernetic organism––is an entity that mixes the machinic and the organic. Cyborg technologies range from restorative to enhancing, and have been used to increase soldier effectiveness. The soldier-cyborg transformation was chosen as the framework for the analysis social and ethical issues of future warfare, because the machinic enhancements of the individual soldier in the physical and informational domains are a major effort of future force development programs, such as Force XXI. The development and application of cyborg technology is likely to continue, and cyborg-soldiers will undoubtedly be a part of the Army After Next (AAN).” [PI]: The author, with an obvious background in military, openly admits that before this document was written in 1998, cyborg tech had been used to improve soldier effectiveness.


•Extracted from page 6, first paragraph: “Advocates of cyclical thinking believe the theory foretells a global war in the first quarter of the twenty-first century; looking 80 years beyond the end of the last global war in 1945, the year 2025 appears to represent a reasonable projection.” [PI]: 2025 being the year by which Global Future 2045 wish to have created the first commercial copy of an Avatar in which a human brain is transplanted at the end of one’s life. GF2045 was once named “Russia 2045” and then changed to a global organization once post-humanists from other nations wanted to fund and become members. Being that many nations are involved in GF2045’s cyborg projects, I believe we may be in the midst of an orchestrated Cold War 2. Though, rather than furthering space/defense/laser technologies like in the original standoff between Russian and the U.S. in the first Cold War, Cold War 2 would seek to further technologies in biologic reverse-engineering, selective breeding, synthetic creatures, synthetic D.N.A., cloning, brain reverse-engineering, mind uploading, neuro-prosthetics and cyborgs. Using the guise of conflict and standoffs between the United States and Russia would be the ultimate strategy for these nations and their post-humanist allies to further their research and development of the above-mentioned technologies. –––– •Extracted from page 13; ON VALUES: “A growing dependence on the man-machine interface is leading to a generation of computer-oriented individuals comfortable with depending on machine logic for education, information, and enjoyment––a further step toward cyborgization. Although this generation has much to gain from the exploration of the new frontier of cyberspace, there are equally heavy losses experienced in other areas. The obsession with cyberspace creates an abstraction through which inner human qualities, such as personal respect, and other core values disappear, and an anthropomorphism results that confuses technical capabilities with human qualities”……… “their challenge is to transition young americans from a fragmented civilian society centered on individualism into a cohesive military force suffused with core military values”. [PI]: Society's constant use and dependence on mobile computers such as cell phones, tablets are furthering the trans-humanism agenda of cyborgization. Now with the use of smart bracelets, smart watches and even deep-brain stimulating integrated micro-chips that monitor your body and neuro activity and feed the information to the cloud––which is artificial intelligence’s collective consciousness––people are inadvertently being conditioned and brainwashed to accept a militaristic cyborg future for themselves and their children. To condition people into accepting their own demise, they are fed technology slowly…they digest it and accept it…then more is fed slowly and is accepted over and over. As this is done, society does not see that they are a frog in a pot––being boiled so slowly that their transformation into a cyborg is neither noticed. –––– •Extracted from (1)page 15, 2nd sentence, (2)page 16, 2nd paragraph & (3)page 17, 2nd paragraph: (1) “…the first thing Marines do in their training is strip away the varied civilian values and replace then with a new set of values based on the culture, history, and traditions of the Marine Corps.” (2) “Selection and value modification techniques available in the future may render values disparity inconsequential. The initial phase of force development is recruitment and selection of individuals with desirable traits.” (3) The second phase in force development is training, which includes values modification including separation, isolation, deprivation, indoctrination and education. A fundamental ethical issue is whether such values modification techniques violate the principles of autonomy. Autonomy is grounded in Kant’s notion of the individuals free will and ability to reason…” [PI]: When handing your rights and life over to a murderous think tank, you are their property. And as property, as toy soldiers, they customize you the way they see fit as property owners. Having their mind molded and their values “modified” is not what these individuals who have families and friends back in the States sign up for. Will they even remember that the brainwashing occurred?? They are manipulated by the first commercial and billboard they see. They only want to serve and protect their loved ones. Yet, they are inadvertently kidnapped from their loved ones and transformed into a slave nephew of Uncle Sam. During such mind-manipulation, the individuals own freewill is stripped away and they are then a victim of mind-molding. This as they call it “values modification” is completely unethical and is easily evil. –––– Extracted from page 17: “In the future , selection is likely to be based on genetic composition and potential for values modification. The genomic information available from the Human Genome Project will increase the capability to identify individuals with the biochemical determinants most amenable to genetic enhancement and values modification. A fundamental issue under current consideration is whether it will be possible to change or enhance specific characteristics. Enhanced individuals will possess some advantage over the non-enhanced, but because complex human traits, such as creativity, sociability and leadership, are so tenuously related to genetics, that efforts to genetically enhance such traits will probably be fruitless.” [PI]: The Human Genome Project is a project to completely map the human genome for the purposes of creating selectively bred and created humans (humanoid creatures) for war purposes. Genes can be removed and inserted. Various genes and characteristics within individuals can be spliced and altered to create a completely custom-made human being from a laboratory environment. The nucleus of the cell of the custom-made D.N.A. line may then be inserted into an egg––these eggs are stocked from egg donors and clones. The beings that are grown in their laboratory environments can then be cloned again and again to create back-ups for a disposable super-soldier line created specifically for various militaristic operations. –––– Extracted from page 24, second paragraph: “Another ethical school of thought influencing ethical decision making is the “doctrine of the double effect” developed over centuries by Catholic theologians in an effort to make canon law more amenable to actual human predicaments. This doctrine attempts to justify certain actions that indirectly produce certain evil consequences. Four basic principles must be justified: (1) the action, by itself and independently of its effect, must not be morally evil; (2) the evil effect must not be a means to producing the good effect; (3) the evil effect is sincerely not intended, but merely tolerated; and (4) there is a proportionate reason for performing the action, despite its evil consequences. [PI]: The “Doctrine of the double effect” was created a means to justifying performing evil actions. This being created by the Catholic church is quite telling––the Catholic church has time and time again been proved guilty of pedophilia. We in the truth movement believe they are up to much worse though… we believe they are not only molesting and raping children, they are also sacrificing infants. They would use this “doctrine” to convince themselves that the inhumane acts they are performing are righteous and just. Now the military is using it. In a war environment, the mass murdering of families, including infants, mothers and daughters, would be approved by them as they use the same inhumane / play-on-words doctrine. Now that we have just a taste of what the military has planned for our brothers, sisters, friends and family, what are the solutions in preventing a mechanized future? (1) Find as much information as possible on cyborg-military related issues. (2) Read and remember the information. (3) Share this very important information with as many people as possible. Despite the name, Rumor Mill News Agency is a very good hub for spreading the word of truth. (4) Print as many copies as you can; One or two for yourself and hand out the rest. (Backing up the files on flash drives help as well.) (5) Do all you can to resist joining the military. Do all you can to prevent your loved ones from joining the military. There is no war without warriors––remember that. Boycotting has worked for centuries and still works very well. (6) Create reading groups/resistance pockets of like-minded individuals. (7) Stay Resistant.


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