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The Morpho-Genetic Engineering Delimma

In order for a conscious entity to come into being, it must first be intelligently created. In order to create, one must have been taught and/or given the option to learn how to create. These facts are quite basic. Though, the created creatures are complex––the product of complex system engineers and scientists obligated to meet the status quo of an inhumane and unhuman agenda. There are many departments within the game –and if you want to call it science– of the complex system known as Synthetic Life. First, we must know a brief meaning of synthetic life. It is: The

creation of completely new beings of life, both microscopic life and macroscopic life, that are conscious and autonomous that have the ability to self-reproduce. These completely brand new creatures would need a way to reproduce. We, as humans, reproduce organically with our own bodily functions. All synthetically grown cyber-physical entities would not have this miraculous option at first. They would rely completely on the human element to give “birth” to them. From there forward, their creators would work tirelessly in developing new sciences that would give the creatures a way to reproduce. So, how would they recreate without human assistance? The answer is: The cybernetic abominations would have no choice but to mine and harvest our planet (and others) for the elements to create the materials and chemicals that make up their own anatomy to produce others of their kind. Humans and other natural Earth creatures would be a prime choice harvest for their stock. Skin and blood would become the “oil exploration” of machines. The actual reproduction process would typically take place within a warehouse on an assembly line. Is this the type of future that you want? If you can honestly answer no, then exposing this agenda and all of the strands of their web are critical to slowing down and ultimately dissolving their agenda for the future of Earth. You may be looking for factual evidence of these sciences. The evidence is not necessarily tough to find, though knowing where to start can be. Morpho-Genetic Engineering is a critical topic. First, we will have a look at “Project Gro-CyPhy”.

In this project, the following departments are involved: 1.) Departments of Computer Science and Electronics, University of York, UK 2.) CNRS LTCI, Telecom-ParisTech, France 3.) Research Group of Biomemetics (GEB), Universidad de Malaga, Spain 4.) Institut des Systemes Complexes (ISC-PIF), CNRS, Paris, France 5.) UMR STMS 9912, IRCAM – CNRS, France 6.) Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK 7.) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA 8.) LACL, Universite Paris-Est Creteil, France 9.) Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands 10.) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Portland State University, USA 11.) Department of Computer and Information Science, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway 12.) University of Strasbourg, France In their collaborative document entitled “Gardening Cyber-Physical Systems”, it states, “In this position paper, we present Gro-CyPhy, an unconventional computational framework for growing cyber-physical systems from computational seeds, and gardening the growing systems, in order to adapt them to specific needs.” Gro-CyPhy is short for Growing Cyber Physical. Literally, this means growing cybernetic creatures (cyborgs). Among the many ‘create’ures they plan to introduce to the natural world are skyscrapers that are sprouted from seed, then grown into living, growing mega buildings. And this is just the beginning. Growing cyber-physical systems from scratch could peak the curiosity of the most mad scientist into growing cybernetically “enhanced” human-style beings that could closely resemble the villains of our worst nightmares. Though, these are not fictional cartoons, I believe these are on the drawing boards of many. The Gro-CyPhy physical architecture is made up of: 1.) Seed Factory–a process for designing specific computational seeds to meet cyber-physical systems requirements; 2.) Growth Engine–providing the computational processes that grow seeds in simulation; 3.) Computational Garden–where multiple seeds can be planted and grown in concert, and where a high-level gardener can shape then into complex cyber physical systems. Definitely, these people believe that growing architecture and systems is the way of the future. An entire city that is growing and making decisions for the inhabitants is not a stretch into fiction, this is the reality that those manipulated by the machine believe they want. There is a huge possibility that they have been completely manipulated by a.i. and/or a malevolent e.t. race bent on terraforming this Planet that has manipulated these scientists into believing that this is all good and for the betterment of the Planet. I have an opinion that the shadow government is not a panel of humans–yet it is quite the opposite. The shadow government is a conscious entity known to us as artificial intelligence. A.I. gives calculated orders to heads of state and corporations, the heads then deliver the orders to various groups to ensure the original order from AI is met. With these well- calculated orders, artificial intelligence attempts to transform planet Earth into a lustrous cyborg that is dominated by computer life. (You can view more on HP’s attempt to create a "Central Nervous System for the Earth" HERE.)

Now, in order for the “world” to become completely revolutionized by the machine, the modes of transportation that humans use on a daily basis would have to be completely rethought, redesigned, rebuilt and there must be a very catchy, trendy way to herd people onto the bandwagon–this would be under the guise of “green” machines. Mercedes-Benz has introduced a project to do just this. They have initiated the project known as “Project Biome”. The goal here is to grow cars from seed. The concept is to grow the vehicles from two separate seeds that would inevitably merge into one singular construct. The body of the machines would be harder than steel and as light as plastic once fully mature; as well as biodegradable. Do not be fooled by their catchy and glamorous suave.

The products discussed about are created from super-spliced genetically modified seeds, and while supporting and investing one’s money into these creations, one would be supporting and funding G.M.O. research and development. So, do not give in on this one no matter how aesthetically appealing they may be. At the head of these creations is greed. Stay resistant.

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