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Phoenix Rising 1st Annual Quantum Healing Conference June 12 - 13, 2015

A monumental event has been underway for sometime and those who have heard and answered the call can FEEL the very power and presence of something that is difficult to put into words....Humanity Healing Humanity.

A team of angels came together at this conference to bring forward not only knowledge about dark agendas, but more importantly solutions that disolve, dismantle and cease and desist those agendas. Knowledge is power, but knowledge applied is wisdom in action.

Kandy Griffin Vandawalker opens the conference with the below presentation. Kandy does a deep dive into Morgellons, Geoengineering/Chemtrail Aerosol Spraying, Artificial Intelligence, Mind Control, Brain Computer Interface (BCI), Nanotechnology and connects many dots that expose a system bent on controlling and manipulating the human organism.

Eugene Irvin delivers a check on artificial intelligence, it's history and how the current technology is being used to manipulate and control our natural creative abilities in an attempt to manifest negative timelines.

Presentation Part II is shared below.

Bobby Lee Vaughn Jr. delivers evidence of how artificial intelligence has attempted to transform Earth and build the infrastructure for a new race of beings on the Planet: The Cyborgs. But the plan has been foiled as we acknowledge this evil agenda and stand on it.

In the below video Kandy presents the safe, non-invasive, non-medicinal form of acupressure that works to eliminate symptoms in the human body as well as animals.

In the next video Kandy shows step-by step instructions on how to clear others with the Energy Healing Protocol.

Testimonials about the Energy Clearing Protocol.

Reflecting upon the events that unfolded during this conference, the entire team and attendees were beyond amazed at the fruit that was evident from start to finish. We had no earthly idea that one of the key healings was of the utmost importance and we were not intentionally clearing for it!!!!

Approx. 8 minutes into Eugene Irvin's presentation, one of our attendees appeared to go into a seizure. It wasn't until after she recovered that we came to full realization of what had transpired. She was cleared of demonic influence right before our eyes. Several had witnessed this face to face and it confirmed the power of the Energy Clearing Protocol to clear the very presence humanity is being targeted with via advanced techonologies utilizing nano sized particles to etch the mark of the beast into our very being, against our will and without our knowledge.

Phoenix Rising represents humanity's collective healing through the act of clearing our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual body from nano-tech and raising our frequency. This technology has attempted to get and keep us at a lower vibration where we are more vulnerable to attack on all accounts. When we clear, we not only detox this advanced tech from our physical bodies, we have the ability to rise above the target zone. Think of the Energy Clearing Protocol as giving you wings like eagles to fly above the radar where the lower vibratory bullets cannot reach you!

To learn more about how the Energy Clearing Protocol works, the background of how it came to be available and to begin your road to healing, click on the below link.

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