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Smart Meters Causing Fires, Explosions, Electrical Problems & More/NOT SMART!

There are a growing number of concerns regarding Smart Meter safety due to explosions, fires, and electromagnetic/wireless pollution.


The EMF Safety Network shares a compilation of reports from the US, Australia and Canada about fires, explosions, electrical problems or burned out appliances due to Smart Meter installations. Some of these reports are listed below. Further details can be viewed on their website.

“Alexandria, Virginia: Smart meter explodes and causes $75,000 in damage to residence.”

“Portland General Electric replaced 70,000 Sensus smart meters in July after three “small fires” started by the meters, according to the Oregonian. In 2012, Peco Energy in Philadelphia switched out 186,000 Sensus smart meters after fire concerns, according to news accounts. And Sask-Power in Saskatchewan, Canada is in the process of replacing more than 100,000 Sensus smart meters, according to news accounts.”

“ Fires prompt removal of 175,000 [Sensus] smart meters in Canada and Oregon”

“In Saskatchewan Canada the government ordered 105,000 smart meters be replaced with non-transmitting older meters because of several fires started by smart meters.”

“In addition 70,000 smart meters with an automatic shut off will be replaced in Portland Oregon because of fires.”

“SaskPower is temporarily suspending its installation of smart meters around the province after half a dozen have caught fire in recent weeks….SaskPower will not be installing any more until their investigation is complete…”

“ PG&E meter reader whistleblower who worked for PGE for 9 1/2 years tells the California Public Utilities Commission judge that:

  • Smart Meters CAUSE FIRES

Smart Meter Fire.jpg
  • PG&E is covering up the Smart Meter fire risk.

  • PG&E fired him because he was unwilling to keep quiet.

  • The annual budget for 1000 meter readers was 70 million dollars.

  • The PG&E smart meter program cost 10 billion, not 2.2 billion

  • No one, but meter readers are responsible for gas surveys”

See whistleblower share here:

What can you do about this?

In California:

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