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Peace without Poison & The Future of Global Governance ~ Game Changing Solutions for Humanity!

Peace without Poison author Kevin Galalae addresses 204 Nations, 16 Territories, the United Nations, European Union, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), African Union , United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Dynacorp International Inc, Plastics Europe, Monsanto Corporation Inc, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and all Humanity, to acknowledge the covert depopulation methods that have been employed by the United Nations since 1945.

Kevin Galalae Amazon Profile Page:

"The data presented in this epic document proves the existence of a global program of population control that has been carefully concealed from the public since its inception in 1945 and shatter fabricated notions perpetuated to confuse and confound inquiring minds lest they stumble upon the frightening truth that the international framework for peace is based on genocide. This is the 21st century’s Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and Universal Declaration of Human Rights all wrapped into one. It will define life in the 21st century and affect every human being on the planet."

Page 1022 Letter to the People

“Remember that the more you earn the more you contribute to the global genocide and speed up your children’s genetic and intellectual degradation and the extinction of your genetic line. So long as covert depopulation measures remain in place and you allow your government to regulate your reproduction all your efforts and all the wealth you create is turned against you and against your children. You are bankrolling your own extinction.

We are mortal, made immortal only by our ability to propagate our genes. Without children we are nothing but branches of a dead tree just waiting to fall. If you fail to stand up for your children you will forfeit their rightful place on this planet and their rightful place in creation; place earned by the countless generations that have come before you and to whom you owe your existence. If you fail to stand up and scream ‘nobody will poison children on my watch’ then you are an accessory to genocide. If you fail to stand up and make your voice heard then those who commit crimes against humanity and crimes against your children will continue to hide behind the system that you fund.

The logic behind the Global Depopulation Policy is sound and we cannot ignore it. Why wage war on each other and be trapped in the cycle of want, fear, violence and retribution when we can wage war on fertility and have everlasting peace? We cannot abandon this evolution in our thinking and we cannot abandon the objectives of the Global Depopulation Policy. But we must discard its diabolical methods and this can only happen if you make your voice heard and show that you are ready to assume responsibility over your children’s future, the future of mankind, and the future of the planet.

This is not a license to commit violence against your government or against the people who govern us, but an invitation to contribute to true peace and to secure a place in the future for your children and your children’s children without pushing your fellow man off the ledge and without leaving your friends and neighbors behind, which is what our leaders have done because they do not believe in our ability to think and understand, or in our readiness to love humanity as a whole and to sacrifice for others.

Fail to make your voice heard and you will have proven them right. Make your voice heard and change the world.

We can turn politics into poetry.

But only if we dare to dare.”

Page 1039 - 1040

"Internationally, the UN and its agencies, aided by an army of NGOs and corporations, provide the capacity needed to commit genocide to financially strapped and technologically inept governments, gather statistical data, monitor progress and collate information from all corners of the world, provide secret fora for heads of state, bureaucrats and technocrats to discuss methods and means, and create the intellectual environment needed to make genocide palatable and emotionally bearable to individuals who maim, murder and sicken billions of human beings so the sterilization machine can continue to sterilize and the culture of death can continue to thrive.

But neither the mass sterilization machine nor the culture of death and the intellectual environment that sustains it can survive the truth and the engagement of an enlightened populace. The truth, however, needs torchbearers and there are none to be found because those who are employed by governments, corporations and international organizations have sold their soul for personal profit and professional advancement and have chosen to see and hear only what they want and need to in order to make themselves believe that their lives have meaning.

This document now stands as testimony to a historic period of unprecedented challenges and unimaginable actions, challenges and actions that paradoxically are the result of our unsurpassed success as a species and that will either tear us apart and lead to our self-destruction if we fail to think and work as one or will lift us to unprecedented wealth, stability and happiness if we find the wisdom and the will to think of one another as family, to set aside false loyalties to creed and nation, to sacrifice profit for people, to abandon dated belief systems that draw invisible lines of division and create artificial fault lines between ethnic and religious communities; if, in sum, we develop a global consciousness and evolve from national, economic, and egotistical beings to planetary, ecological and altruistic beings.

Until such time as human beings refuse to act as human beings and choose to live as cockroaches, I will stand guard over conscience and consciousness and offer truth an inviolable sanctuary."

Kevin Galalae ~ founder Center for Global Consciousness

Now that we have acknowledged a broken system that requires immediate change, how do we shift into solutions?

Kevin addresses the solutions in

"This is forbidden fruit. The odious secrets of the United Nations and the high crimes of governments come to light in this devastating book and paint a picture of utter desperation. Despite doing the unthinkable, world leaders cannot solve the problems that plague mankind. Behind the serene front of global meetings hides a lost and fearful leadership that dreams of a sustainable global civilization while the world sinks deeper into poverty and conflict. There is a way out but it requires the truth and the international system is based on deception. This book frees the truth and draws a plan that will change civilization beyond recognition and jolt every human being on the planet out of his comfort zone. The solutions it proposes outline a clear plan of how to create the conditions for a sustainable global civilization in which people are at peace with each other and life has meaning and dignity, humankind acts as a steward of the planet and respects the equilibrium of life, and the born safeguard the resources of the unborn so that life can continue to thrive."

Page 89

"The solutions proposed in this document outline a clear plan of how to create the conditions for a sustainable global civilization in which people are at peace with each other and life has meaning and dignity, humankind acts as stewards of the planet and respects the equilibrium of life, and the born safeguard the resources of the unborn so that life can continue to thrive and wellbeing can grow."

Kevin has worked tirelessly on providing the data, addressing global leadership and shifting quickly into sound solutions that require immediate response from all humanity. Our future depends on US working as a collaborative team to dismantle the broken system TOGETHER and assure our children the opportunity to thrive as a human species. Please share this information far and wide and BE part of this incredible SOLUTIONS TEAM!

Thank You!

Kimberlee Schultz

Co-founder, A Call to Actions

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