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BLUE PLANET PROJECT: Alien Technical Research–Alien Life Forms–CODE: ARAMIS III - ADR3-24SM

BLUE PLANET PROJECT Alien Technical Research - 25 Westchester Camp Office of Central Research #3 Alien Life Forms CODE: ARAMIS III - ADR#-24SM

This 114 page document was reportedly written by a scientist who worked on a large portion of the most classified projects in the United States at the time. Included in the projects are Operation Majority which was solely responsible for all aspect, project, and consequence of Alien presence on Earth. The writer of this document's duties were to visit crash sites, interrogating Alien Life Forms and analyze all data related to the projects.

He worked in these fields for approximately thirty-three years. This document covers many areas including the U.F.O. Coverup, Various Alien types, the MJ-12 and its original members, Alien Technology, The Invisible Government, U.S. Government Secret Technology, and more.

This is a highly important documentation from a man at the source of the coverup, and now recently the revelation. Highlighting, taking notes, and sharing this information with trusted others is very much encouraged.

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