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A Technique to Clear the Body for Natural Healing

How can we proactively detox and heal our bodies from the constant bombardment of toxic, air, water, food and electromagnetic radiation?

In 2007, I had suddenly become allergic to everything. Over the course of 6 months, I went on 5 rounds of antibiotics to attempt to alleviate the intense pain from multiple bouts of 3 day migraines (my first time ever experiencing a migraine). The symptoms were similar to a sinus infection, yet they were different in the sense that there was no mucus in the exterior sinus cavity, but massive pressure in the interior sinus area. After the antibiotics wreaked havoc on my immune system and the ears/nose/throat specialist could offer nothing other than exploratory surgery, I had enough. I was introduced to the Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) We cleared all the allergies and everything returned to normal. I would occasionally have a flare up and would receive a clearing here and there and over the years have sent countless others to receive this simple and effective treatment as well.

Over the course of the last week, I had noticed day after day of heavy chemtrail spraying to the point of what we refer to as a ‘white-out’, a condition that transforms a normal blue sky to a sea of white haze. When I first experienced the allergic reactions to the chemicals being sprayed over our heads in 2007, I was unaware of this activity. Since then, so many have awakened to the geoengineering campaign and the so called justifications for its existence.

My point here is to make a connection between the toxic chemical laden air we breath and the body’s response to it. There is a correlation between what happened in 2007 and what I have experienced in the last week. My husband and I both woke up with chest congestion, yet we did not have a cold. We are not smokers and this persistent cough could only be attributed to the chemical laden skies we were witnessing and breathing in day after day. A couple days later, my eyes started to seep yellow infection, something they have never done before. It was so bad that I was waking up to my eyes being glued shut. I finally went to the eye doctor for relief as my left eye was so painfully swollen that I needed help. I received eye drops and had immediate relief. We continued to have the persistent cough and this morning I woke up with congestion in my frontal sinus cavity that I had not experienced since before 2007, along with intense pressure and pain.

In the following interview Kandy Griffin Vandawalker, Morgellons Research Group President, shares how she survived what the mainstream medical establishment could not diagnose or treat.

Kandy also connects the dots between the many facets of the depopulation agenda. Chemtrails, playing a large role in delivering a constant dose of toxic chemicals to the masses against our will.

Kandy and Kevin Mugur Galalae, author of Depopulation and Decarbonization, comment on these subjects in this article.!Morgellons-Chemtrails-Depopulation-Transhumanism-Connections-Solutions/c7j3/CB816887-74FB-4156-86CD-EADBA3537CCE

As Kandy shared in the above youtube interview, our pain is not in vain. The most important thing we can do it to help others learn and grown from the pain we have personally experienced.

In the later part of 2014, Kandy taught my husband and I a simple procedure for testing the body’s reaction to toxins, then how to clear the body in order to heal. We knew at that time that it was vital that we show others how to clear their own bodies and self heal.

Since I have experienced this recent allergy attack with immense pain, we feel now is the time to share this simple clearing process along with a short video we created to provide a visual explanation of how to naturally heal.

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