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Morgellons, New World Order, Illuminati, United Nations, Masons, Transhumanism by Kandy Griffin Vand

We all see it We all feel it We all smell it We all hear it We all taste it and We all know it. Something is wrong. Even if we don't know exactly what it is, we know that something is just not quite right. The world is changing and it is changing fast. Life is not as it was, a short time ago. The world is different in many ways and for many reasons.

There is, in effect a Grand master Plan for a New World Order. The Illuminati, The Bildeburgers, The Tri lateral commission, the United Nations, The Masons, The Vatican, ET's,Corporations, Big Pharma, Hollywood,Music,Mainstream Media,global government leaders, DARPA,HAARP and the military industrial complex are involved.

The goal is to have one EVERYTHING. One nation, one government, one $ system, one law system and one religion.

This goal has been in place for over 500 years, since the days of The Knights Templar who were infiltrated by evil men, who took over. The knights Templar faded and The masons appeared. The "secret society". What's the secret?. The secret is, they plan to take over the world and everything on it, including you... and they are not alone.

There used to be a place on Earth named Europe. They are now called the European Union because they have all combined into one. G.W.Bush,Jr. signed The North American Treaty when he was in office combining the US, Canada and Mexico. We are now one, not 3 countries. They will unite each continent into one and then unite all 7. They are well on their way to finishing this goal. GMO food, vaccines, chemical based "medications" from MD's, psychotropic medications, cosmetics, aspartame, chemtrails, mycoplasmas, lyme and it's co-infections,Morgellons(nano/bio infestation),fluoridated water, satellites, V2K technology, AI,911,boston bombing, sandyhook, missing Maylasian plane, Ebola, EEE virus, H1N1, Influenza, unemployment, high taxes and chemical preservatives were not created with intentions of giving you a better life.

All of these things were put into motion in order to keep us dumbed down, working slaves-- keep us sick~going to the doctor and feeding the machine! Feeding the physicians, the pharmaceutical companies, the hospitals, the clinics, the foundations, the insurance companies... and all along, emptying OUR pockets. Most physicians are not aware of what is happening out there. Hell, most people aren't aware either. The end goal for this group, is to have total and complete control over everything and everyone, including you, literally.

You have been unknowingly mind controlled your entire life, since the day you were born. Through the advent of radio telling you what to drink, what to eat, what to smoke, to the creation of the television which changed the world forever. It sure did. It allowed them to give you all something to watch, talk about with others and read about in magazines. Advertising.... the Mother of all corporations. Advertising, main stream media, movies, music, and sports...... all designed to keep us buying the products that they tell us to, as well as "occupied" and not paying attention to the things that matter. We are too trusting. We trust that the people in power are doing what they should, what they need to do and that they would never do anything to harm us. We have been betrayed. In order for someone to have total physical and mental control over YOU, using satellite/frequencies, YOU would have to be installed with a remote wireless router. They are installing them in a stealth manner. Like building a "ship in a bottle", per se.

They are spraying nano/bio hybrid materials globally. We are human and we breathe air, so we breathe them in. They exist within all of us, not just those people who are exhibiting outward symptoms. The people exhibiting the outward symptoms have come to be called Morgellons sufferers.

These are the people whose bodies are "rejecting" these materials, they are sick and they have symptoms. Now, someone who has no symptoms ,is properly integrating these materials the way they were designed to integrate.

We believe that everyone already has this. Everyone has "something" as far as symptoms go. I have personally taken samples from people who appear to exhibit no outward symptoms and found multiple samples that matched those of people who were deathly ill with this. The medical doctors are instructed to label patients as delusions of parasaitosis, so they do and patients are not getting properly diagnosed, nor treated.

Human are suffering symptoms never seen before on the face of the planet. Materials are emerging from human skin that should not even exist in the human condition. Other materials are leaving the body in other fashions. Symptoms can be severe, brutal and terminal. "Morgellons"- NANO/BIO INFESTATION/INFECTION is real. Humans are suffering to a degree that the face of our planet has ever seen. Symptoms never before seen in the human body and symptoms that can literally be "life altering". It is another way to tear us apart, separate us, keep us sick..... all while building their remote wireless router. Self-assembling/self-replicating nano/bio hybrid materials exist. They exist in the air and they exist in us. We believe it is the beginning of transhumanism.

Many sufferers have tried multiple protocols and if you feel you have this, please find a protocol based on your symptoms. There is truthful information out there that can and will help. I wrote this in effort to make some semblance of what is happening to our planet, everything on it, and us. With this dis-ease, comes a multitude of questions.I hope I have helped you to understand what is happening and that it is not your fault. You are not to blame. Every word written above is my own personal opinion of what is going on. I learned of this nightmare 10 years ago, when it was killing me. I learned very quickly, what was happening and reached out to other people. I started a web page and it grew from there. Hundreds of sufferers showed up quickly and shared their stories/tragedies. We began to piece things together and this is my interpretation. I diagnosed myself. Found my own treatment and saved my own life, because no one else was going to! Educate yourselves, detox, energy clearings, clean water ( and enough of it) eat clean, live clean These materials exist and they are EVERYWHERE. This was found on a flea trap while collecting environmental samples in Oregon. Can anyone identify this?


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