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Lightning: DARPA Funded Tool of War

Lightning: DARPA funded tool of war Lightning. To many, lightning is one of the most fascinating natural wonders of our Planet. This does not escape the attention of anyone including war profiteers. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is presently funding universities, with our taxes, to develop ways of manipulating, harnessing, creating and blasting lightning to designated areas onto Earth's surface. Real-life rays of death with death intended.

Image: Florida Institute of Technology (DARPA funded TERA Project) No Human would consider inventing terrifying weapons that are made specifically to tear lives apart in the name of keeping a country free. The Inhumans would choose otherwise. Among the most blood-thirsty is the notorious DARPA. DARPA funds/obligates Universities and small businesses to stay on the cutting edge of technology; to create new militaristic applications of weaponry that the Planet has never seen.

Among the newer advances is the initiation and propagation of lightning. The areas of study here are very destructive military weaponry; use of radar, microwaves, and acoustics to artificially create lightning in stormclouds as well as starting and diffusing a hurricane. Within United States Patent 20130015260 A1 published January 13, 2013, the abstract is written: “This patent describes a scientific explanation for what causes lightning and thunder and how to replicate it using high-frequency soundwaves such as radar and microwaves. The uses for this are mainly military weaponry and weather modification. This is a very high energy weapon, and is capable of great damage if not used properly. Uses of this invention include: Missile defense, aiming at a nuclear missile to disable all electrical and electronic systems with electromagnetic pulse (lightning) and break the missile apart with the concurrent shockwave (thunder). Other uses include installing the devices in airplanes, helicopters and tanks to fire lightning and thunder upon whatever it is aimed at: air-air combat, air to ground combat, ground to air combat, tank to ground combat. This technology could obsolete guns and fired projectiles if widespread military utilization is made. The system can be used to either start or diffuse a hurricane. The system and the science behind it are all new and never before described concepts and ideas, and a revolutionary utilization of radar, microwaves, and acoustics.” May this be the future of warfare, presently being tested by universities under the award of DARPA, exclude me. Anyone with an empathetic heart and soul would choose not to take part in this. Through collective action and consciousness, we do have the power to diffuse this technology at the source. Stay united!

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