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Raise Your Frequency! How to raise your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Vibration

All is energy vibrating at some frequency or another. Just like the physical body's immune system is stronger in an alkaline state where germs cannot survive, so is it important to maintain a high level of emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

How we think, act and respond to our environment has a direct energetic impact on our experiences. Our choices create. When we are aware and fully accountable for our choices we can shift from being a victim of circumstances to seeing any and all challenges as opportunities to ask "how can I learn & grow, and help others learn and grow from this?" Until our biggest challenges become our brightest blessings, we have some perception work before us.

"Map of Consciousness"

The below map was created by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.,

As David shared in several of his books, the intellect ends at level 499 and the leap of faith via Love begins at 500. This is where we shift out of our head and into our heart. This is where there is less, if any resistance from ego and a stronger surrender to something beyond “me”. It is a profound shift when one can distance or detach from ego, even for a second and realize that there is no need to define the infinite possibilities of what we can BE! We don’t have to believe that we are this, that or the other. Just BE it! Get into Action. BE Love. BE Compassionate. BE Kind. BE the Change You Wish to See in the World! That simple!

Start your day in Service ~ Power of Pure Intention

Consider starting each day, immediately upon waking asking for a clear path to being the most efficient/effective catalyst for positive change.

Making this choice is like setting your emotional/mental/spiritual GPS to experience infinite potential in the realm of miracles. It is a simple yet profound space to operate within and will draw in the energies of awe and gratitude.

You may want to start a journal to keep track of all of the synchronicities that begin to become a natural way of interacting with a higher frequency state of being.

PRE-view ~ Healthy InterActions with Others

One of the most empowering ways to interact with lower energies of fear and anger are choosing the PRE-view model. Perhaps you are late for work and someone cuts you off in traffic. You can take the low road or you can take the high road. PRE (Pause), (Reflect), (Expand) is a very easy way to shift out of reactionary emotional responses into a higher view of perceiving the world around us.

If someone does something that upsets you and creates an angry type of feeling inside, simply pause for a second, which allows something other than anger to consume you. Once we Pause, the next step is Reflect.

When we reflect, the higher energy of compassion can replace anger. Consider the person that appeared to do something to you (cut you off in traffic) may not realize yet, that they have a choice. They are simply reacting to negativity in their own life. They don't know what they don't know. But you have a tool to assist in choosing the high road. This creates a feeling of compassion, appreciation and a sense of empowerment for rising to a higher vibration.

The next step is to Expand. Now that we have witnessed our own shift in consciousness by moving from a reactionary choice of anger to compassion, let’s take it a step further. When we Expand, we can see from a higher viewpoint, like looking from 20 feet up instead of 1 foot in front of our face. Consider how our choices, and the energies/feelings that accompany those choices, impact our own physical body and beyond. Think of it like ripples on a pond. If my choices send out a wave of compassion and love, those energies are not only elevating my personal experience, but also radiating outward and will touch others. The ripple will reach the other side of the pond and also deliver the energy that came with it.

The overall message for utilizing the PRE-view tool is to take full accountability for our choices. Being aware that our choices are powerful can impact our own individual experiences and the lives of others around us.

Enjoy the Journey ~ Self Healing

Consider loving your Self and others where they are on their life journey, and holding space for growth. Be kind to yourself as you learn and grow and shift your perception from the past victim mentality to one of empowered positive choices.

Forgive them for they know or know not what they do. When we open the door to observation and simply consider why someone is behaving in a negative manner, we can shift into compassion and empathy. Ask questions to see what the real reasons are for a certain behavior. Perhaps a bully just wants to feel love and is reaching out in the only way they know how, to get any attention at any cost.

Observation and forgiveness are powerful healing tools and are simple to use. Just ask questions until you dig down to the initial seed thought where negativity was planted in the inner garden. Sometimes the thoughts were planted by others, something negative said in a reactionary experience from the past. Maybe we agreed it was so and then watered the seed with our continued thoughts about being called stupid or inadequate or any of the lower thoughts of untruth. We can remove these untruths by going back to the experience and choosing to see with a broader more compassionate set of eyes. Maybe the person who said something was really down in their life and wanted to push out their pain onto someone else and you just happened to be the recipient of that negative ripple. Or maybe you felt abandoned, but those who you felt abandoned by had no idea or intention that you perceived this way. It was simply a reactionary thought that became your truth from that point forward. It doesn't matter what weeds were planted in the inner garden or when it happened. Once we are aware that we have the opportunity to choose to free ourselves of any and all perceived obstacles, we can be free to create with a happier healthy mental/emotional/physical/spiritual state of being.

All is energy and we have FREE WILL to choose and create from a higher state of consciousness. Choose to be accountable for all of your thoughts, actions and deeds. Choose integrity, responsibility and transparency. These are very high vibrational frequencies. By raising your frequency you will draw people and experiences into your life that reflect back to you.... the ripples you are projecting out onto the sea of life.

Spend Time in Nature ~ Earthing

Spending time in nature helps us slow down and appreciate the intelligence that is all around us. We tend to get busy but nature is just waiting to nurture us when we take a moment to pause and observe. Even observing a picture of a field of flowers or a quiet beach can take our consciousness to a state of calm.

We are meant to have a physical connection with Mother Earth. There is an energetic exchange that is supposed to happen when our feet touch the ground. Because we are in shoes most of the time, we are missing our natural opportunity to ground. There is a book called Earthing that explains this electrical relationship in detail, accompanied by many examples of healing through the electrical reconnection. Learn more about this important information.

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