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Android & Cyborg Future: 2045 Initiative's Avatar C and Obama's 'Brain Initiative

Would you feel immortal if there were a personality and consciousness insurance company? Would you invest in this? Would you teach your kids that this is the only way to keep your legend “alive” in the information age once your human body is gone? This is not the product of a science-fiction film, as we have seen in the movie “Transcendence”. This is the sinister goal of a planetary-wide party of transhumanists who have invested their money and themselves in assuring that they “never die”. This agenda is the 2045 Initiative. ( Over 36,000 individuals have signed themselves away to this mad project - looking for something more after their human body has passed away. The video below is the original unaltered 2045 Initiative video document •

Beginning in Russia, with founder Dmitry Itskov, they have since become a world-wide scientific tree. 2045 have even established their own political party: Evolution 2045 ( One could consider this to be the cybernetics branch of the new world order. Their project milestones are unlike anything else on this planet, are absolutely immoral and unethical when compared to the natural world of peacemakers and are as follows:

Avatar A (2015-2020): A robotic copy of the Human body remotely-controlled via brain-computer interface

Avatar B (2020-2025): An avatar in which a Human brain is transplanted into at the end of an individuals life into a prosthetic body

Avatar C (2030-2035): An avatar with an artificial brain into which a Human personality is transferred at the end of the individuals life

Avatar D (2040-2045): A hologram-like avatar ?! The mad-guys at 2045 are HEAVILY investing into neuro-cybernetics as well as neuro-prosthesis. Neuro-cybernetics is the coupling of the brain with electronic components such as microchips that may stimulate certain parts of the brain. Neuro-prosthesis is the installment onto and/or into the brain of artificial brain parts – reverse engineered from natural brain parts, to replace damaged brain sections (e.g. cerebellum, hypocampus) with synthetic parts that resemble the original section. Additional augmentation research is occurring as well – the creation of “apps” for the brain.

New frontiers on an old science are presently being worked on – working on a way to preserve the human brain, through a brain life-support system, in order to capitalize on the patent that would come from this and to successfully fulfill their Avatar B project milestone, which many of these investors look to become once they have passed. Barack Obama announced the funding of over 300 million dollars into the Brain Initiative in April of 2013. The National Institute of Health’s funding for this project for FY 2015 will exceed $100,000,000. Scientists and surgeons have jumped on-board the bandwagon and have set-route towards what they are considering “the century of the brain”. Barack Obama: “We have a chance to improve the lives of not just millions, but billions of people on this planet through the research that's done in this BRAIN Initiative alone. But it's going to require a serious effort, a sustained effort. And it’s going to require us as a country to embody and embrace that spirit of discovery that is what made America, America.”

He uses the word ‘embody’ in a way that discretely means literal Human embodiment of the transhumanism agenda through brain-computer interface.

Convincing the nation that new approaches need to be taken, including deep-brain stimulating electronic implants, to battle brain disorders, he is covertly attempting to brainwash the people to accept this idea that cyborgism/transhumanism is the path to a new and healthy future that will benefit Humanity.

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[ View 'Obama's Brain Initiative' PDF Document ] Paving the way towards Avatar C, the goal of Obama’s Brain Initiative is to very precisely map and record the Human brain and all of it’s synapses, functions, actions, and reactions.

The second step is to reverse engineer and create an artificial model of the natural human brain for use in Avatar C. Also, research and development for creating reverse engineered prosthetics for individual sections of the brain is underway and needs to be stopped. REBRAIN: With 2015 approaching us very quickly, the Avatar A milestone is very close. Avatar B, C, and D are underway. If we do not join together as a Human resistance and fight this inhuman agenda, all hope may be lost for the future of Humanity. These individuals are slowly conditioning the public to become comfortable with a cyborg future. With all of the Human in me, I will not stop until the Transhuman agenda is terminated.

If You are reading this, You are the Resistance. Bobby Lee Vaughn Jr.

Field Researcher/Investigator/Vigilante/Adventurer A Call to Actions

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