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It's a Frequency War – Healing Solutions from Zakaos

Zakoas......"I made this using ancient Chinese numerical frequencies mixed with healthy body frequencies mixed with healthy organ regeneration tones mixed with relaxing frequencies mixed with parasite tick frequencies to kill parasites that are commen in a lot of humans being and animals ."

Breaking News !!!!!!!This is my invention I made a few days ago to fight the governments consistent gang stalking that never stops . The U.S. government use silent sound RF frequencies to hack into your brain and administer mind control threw Tv and radio by using radio frequencies . This is the combination of over 2 and a half years work and building things and frequencies that work and heal the mind and body . I was working with only sound up until a few days ago and now I have built a RF frequency silent sound negative RF protection modulator using the 4 separate sound devices and several frequencies I have compiled that work to shut them out and shut them down for good . I don't have much money and if I did I could build a proper sound silent sound modulator that could be un hackable .Due to lack of funds I am using my computer and that is the biggest down fall of this mechanism because they can hack and piggy back off the media players and distort the frequencies from being how they should be .This could easily be solved with a stereo tuner and multiple sound devices and a mixer . All these things I do not have .Also with a more powerful transmission device I could heal the planet in a matter of days . Even the radiation from FUKUSHIMA could be healed in a matter of weeks if not days . Rf frequencies effect you on a molecular level and could do the same for water if a powerful enough Rf modulator was built broadcasting the Binural frequency called Radiation detox . Now I know why the U.S. Government takes it down when I put it on line for people to use for free . This frequency kills radiation .This could also be used to kill infected plants and people and The Earth infected with Chem trails and GMO . I am sure of it so please spread the word and please help me in any way you can . Be blessed and walk in the light .

Breaking News! A Solution For the FUKUSHIMA Radiation Problem Japan - Sith Killer - Made By Zakaos

Here is the free down load link . Enjoy . Be blessedRadiation Detox + 2 Chem trail ,GMO ,Metal Detox + Accelerated Healing - Binaural Mega Detox Healing

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