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Transhumanism Agenda Exposed ~ David Andrew Bryson

February 22, 2014 at 9:47am

This is the transcript of a dialogue that was initiated by a Member of the Illuminati with me in January 2014. I make no claims as to the authenticity of the information shared with me but I present it to the world for informational purposes. For all I know, this could have been an elaborate hoax. It is healthy to always maintain a defense of Plausible Deniability~ but my gut instinct, my Truth-Center tells me it may be something more. Some of the creepiest quotes: "Yes we are the 666... understood as the human races biggest fears because we are moving the world into trans-human. The New Era is the mark in systems." “I am the Luciferian head consciousness orchestrating the NWO” "NO HUMAN WILL BE ALLOWED TO WALK THIS EARTH, FROM NOW TO 2040 THERE IS DRASTIC CHANGES MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE, ACCIDENTS WILL BE SPED UP, NATURAL DISASTERS WILL BE ORCHESTRATED TO KILL MANY, MEDICATION FOR ILLNESS WILL BE THE POISON TO EVERY HUMAN, EVERYTHING WILL BE SETUP TO KILL HUMANS > GENOCIDE WILL BE ORCHESTRATED FOR RAPID DEATHS! THE SIFTING GENOCIDE!


KEEP IN MIND: This individual is a MAIN PLAYER at the online Transhumanism Hub, The 2045 Initiative ( and told me that she has regular meetings with the Russian Founder of the 2045 Initiative, Dmitry Itskov. My name is David Andrew Bryson, a Sovereign Freeman, and I love to be alive and do not believe Suicide is an ethical option. If I depart this plane early, it will not be by my own hand and I leave my work to be completed by my sons, Elijah, Christopher, Andrew, Caleb and Jordan~ 5 Warriors of the Light.

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