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Delivering cutting-edge investigations into fringe science and technology ethics, society, and God's medicine.

Diving deep to uncover truth that has attempted to remain hidden.  Through this, we are able to provide solutions to the world's most important yet obscure issues.

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New Investigative Podcasts

[09/28/2021]  How Media is Legally Allowed to Lie to You - The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act w/ Alex Hilton | ACAS#46

Returning guest, Alex Hilton, lays out the facts involving the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, which allows the U.S. Agency for Global Media to publish deceptive, psychologically impacting lies to major media platforms in the U.S. and abroad.

[08/17/2021] Bible Code & Visions w/ Jay Hardin | ACAS#45

Returning guest, Jay Hardin joins me to discuss interesting dynamics with the four Gospels, Noah & current Bible prophesies + The Bible Code, as he has broken open.

[08/10/21]  The Foundation of Natural Health and Wellness | Dr. Chip | ACA#44

Dr. Marlborough Spencer Nichols, aka Dr. Chip, discloses the foundation and fundamental elements of living a natural, healthy life.  Digestive health appears to be the root.

[07/30/2021] Flying Saucer – Solar Powered & Ozone Restoring – Exclusive Interview with Inventor: Herbert Martin | ACA#43

Link to Flying Saucer patent:

Paducah, KY resident and inventor, Herbert Martin, discloses his Flying Saucer patent/invention, the "
Saucer-Shaped Gyroscopically-Stabilized Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft", which has the capability of restoring the ozone. This flying saucer invention is solar powered and can remain aloft in space indefinitely. It can completely overthrow the last 150 years of environmentally damaging potroleum-powered transportation vessels and even replace the global rocketry program with an environmentally-restoring option: The Flying Saucer!

[6/14/21] The StarPals | 7 Virtues - Childrens’ Book Series | w/ Author: Kimberlee Schultz | ACAS#42

The author of the childrens' 7-book series, The StarPals, Kimberlee Schultz, explains detailingly how children have benefitted extraordinarily from her books.  The StarPals books are based on seven virtues, and each book is themed after them: 
• Patty Patience
• Korey Kindness
• Haley Humble
• Tommy Truth
• Shari Sharing
• Toby Thankful
• Livey Love

To purchase The StarPals, go to

[6/09/21]  The Kryptonite of Metropolis, Illinois – Atomic Whistleblower (Randy Woods) Exposes Honeywell-Metropolis’ “Green Salt” Racketeering | ACAS#41

Randy Woods, a former atomic worker of the Honeywell Uranium Conversion Plant in Metropolis, Illinois, blows the lid off of the plant's internal defective radioactive conditions; pipe seals leaking radioactive gases into the plant; management thwarting federal inspectors; and many more chilling personal testimonies. 

This plant is the world's largest uranium hexa-fluoride conversion facility, and the sole one within the U.S.

[6/07/21] The World’s Largest Uranium Conversion Plant in Metropolis, Illinois –
Nuclear Whistleblower Admits that Plant Discharges Radioactive Air to Local Community

Former worker of the world's largest uranium conversion plant, the Honeywell Uranium Conversion Plant, opens the lid on environmental contamination occurring – the plant exhausting radioactive dusts to the surrounding communities & much more!

[5/24/21] Documented Evidence of America's Creation of Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens | Document Reading | ACAS#38

In 2017, creation of Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens (EPPPs) was given the green light in the U.S.
I investigate shocking, documented evidence of these abominal operations.

Full DocumentFramework for Guiding Funding Decisions about Proposed Research Involving Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens - 2017

[5/18/21] Prophetic Visions & Signs of End Time | ACAS#37

Prophetic visionary, Jay Hardin, leads the way in disclosing personal end time revelations, the occult calendar & taking back our power from a millenia of ritualistic deception.

[5/10/21]  6G & Nano Technologies Exposed by Telecom Whistleblower

Telecom whistleblower, "Scott", discloses advanced undisclosed technologies and agendas unfolding before the world stage. 

• Nanotech being used in implanting Humans to become technologic slaves
• 6G being rolled out in the name of Covid-19 as a new savior for machine-human integration
These as much more on this insightful investigation.

6G Links:
How 6G Technology Can Change the Future Wireless Healthcare :

6G Wireless Networks: Vision, Requirements, Architecture, and Key Technologies :

[4/29/21] Covid Passport - The Global Agenda

Alex Hilton, a software and tech programmer, joins us to discuss the social ethics and technological aspects regarding the Covid-19 experimental gene-modifying injection disguised as a "vaccine"; new Covid passports being rolled out to enter certain businesses; and much more fringe Covid controversies.
Covid Passport links:

• New York's Excelsior Pass:
• Excelsior Pass - Keynote Presentation:

• IBM - Digital Health Pass: ;

• Quanta - COVI-PASS:

• Mastercard & Gavi - Wellness Pass:

• The Good Health Pass Collaborative (Multi-Corporation & Government Agenda for Global Covid Passports) – ID2020/Microsoft & Mastercard are two of many sectors of the global Collaborative -
Good Health Pass - A Safe Path to Global Reopening whitepaper:


[4/9/21]  Transhuman Cyborg – Iron Shall Not Cleave with Miry Clay | ACTAS#34

Jay Harding joins me to biblically discuss man's mingling of our God-made 'clay' bodies with Satan-made 'iron' cyborg implants.  The medical industry and transhumanists believe making humans part machine are beneficial upgrades.

[2/10/21]  Secret Midnight Plutonium Burials | ACTAS#33

Former security guard and plant operator at the nuclear facility, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Mike Driver, exposes the secret radioactive legacy of the facility.

Intentional releases into the atmosphere and water; secret midnight transuranic burial grounds in farmer's fields; and much more government/corporate crimes are disclosed.

[1/19/21]  Privacy Piracy : The Data Burglars a.k.a. Google | ACTAS#32

Tech insider and digital privacy guru, Alex Hilton, exposes how Google and other mega corporations steal and sell our personal digital profiles and data for profit.  

Convenience is their glimmering bait, but we don't have to bite.  Alex provides us an array of better, more secure alternatives to the mainstream Data Burglars.

[12/28/20]  Russian & American Nuclear Poisoning of the U.S. | ACTAS #31

Cold War nuclear whistleblowers Jeff Walburn (former anti-terrorism squad member) and Charles "Chick" Lawson (former Occupational Safety and Health Administration's certified investigator) join me for an in-depth investigation into the intentional Russian/U.S. nuclear poisoning of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant workers, local schools, the surrounding population and a maximum security prison.

|| uranium, plutonium, neptunium, americium, technetium, etc. ||


[12/14/20]  5G Whistleblower Exposes the Matrix He Helped Create |ACTAS #30

5G / telecommunications whistleblower, "Scott", detailingly exposes 5G and the Matrix system. 

"I helped build the Matrix!" he admits.

[12/9/20] Kratom! God's Miracle Herb | Christopher Deany | ACTAS #29

Kratom, an evergreen tree which grows in Asia, has been used by natives for thousands of years as a treatment for chronic pain, depression, stress, muscle relaxation, and countless more benefits. 

I talk in depth with Christopher Deany, CEO/Owner of Christopher's Organic Botanicals, about this miraculous herb, the benefits and history.
PROMO CODE: ilovekratom - 10% Off Purchase

[12/1/20]  We are the Spiritual Anti-Virus | Christopher Sweeney | ACTAS #28

Uniting as a community, as the body of Christ, we are the Anti-Virus destroying the true virus, which is evil. Now is the time for God's Children to Rise in actions to destroy the Beast!

[11/25/20]  The Father of Human Cloning Speaks Out! - Dr. Zavos | ACTAS #27

How long has human cloning been researched?  What is the current status of human cloning?  Dr. Zavos, the "Father of Human Cloning", plans on cloning more human beings once the Covid-19 lockdown ends.

[11/12/20]  Filter 100% of Radiation and PFOA from Water with Seychelle Filtration | ACTAS #26 

In a day and age where the chemical and nuclear industry discharge toxic wastes to local bodies of water, it is more important than ever to have clean drinking water. Seychelle Environmental Technologies CEO, Carl Palmer, exlpains how Seychelle water filtration filters out 100% of radiation, non-stick cookware chemicals, PFOAs, Arsenic, Lead, TCE, PCBs, plus countless more from drinking water.

[11/3/20]  Operation Warp Speed & 5G Connection to Covid-19 | ACTAS #25 

Operation Warp Speed:  The Department of Health and Human Services' joint project with the Department of Defense to push out 300 million Covid-19 vaccines by January 1st, 2021.  Seems too fast to be safe.

5G millimeter waves actually cause coronaviruses in human skin cells according to a joint U.S., Russia, and Italy research project.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) pulled the research paper only two days after publishing.  What was the NIH trying to hide?

Jay Hardin joins us with a unique Biblical perspective.

[10/27/20]  The Mark of the Beast Technologies 

What is the Mark of the Beast?  What technologies are being utilized during 'Covid-19' towards the walk-up for the beast system?  Jay Hardin joins us to discuss the Biblical anti-Christ technolgies currently being rolled out and how to prepare one's soul.

[10/19/20]  The Machine's Manipulative Social Invasion | ACTAS #23 

Aaron Franz, from
The Age of Transitions, joins me to discuss Boston Dynamics' four-legged Spot robot public rollout; the history of the robot goes back to black Department of Defense projects and Google's military connections.  Transhumanists believe they have attained God-hood and that we live in a simulated reality.  All of this from an ethics and philosophical standpoint.

[10/13/20]  Secret Underground Splicing Technologies | ACTAS#22

Beneath the sea floor military bases?  Skyscrapers and cars that can be grown from genetically-modified seeds?  Google's father company, Alphabet, Inc., collaborating with a pharmaceutical giant to create human implants? 

Lets investigate these secret underground projects – with evidence from the documents from which the projects were created.

[10/6/20]  An American Nuclear Fraud Enterprise | ACTAS#21 

The Nuclear Fraud Enterprise, also known as USEC, is shaken down with the release of two Investigative Reports by A Call to Actions in collaboration with

1st Report) "'Midnight Rockets': Whistleblower lawsuit reveals toxic releases by Ohio nuclear plant"

2nd Report) "Bill Clinton's Russian Nuclear Fraud Enterprise"

[9/29/20]  Detoxing Radioactive Elements with Far-Infrared Light | ACTAS#20 

Detoxification Specialist, Frank, explains in detail the benefits of using far-infrared as a way to get rid of radioactive, chemical and plastic poisons that pollute our bodies.

[9/22/20]  Nuclear Criminal Enterprise Lawsuit Filed - Racketeerting Charges 

26-year Nuclear Investigations duo, Jeff Walburn and Charles "Chick" Lawson, have busted the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant for crimes including criminal racketeering, intentional radioactive environmental releases, fraud and destruction of workers' radiation records.  These and many other charges against Lockheed Martin, Goodyear, United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), Bechtel-Jacobs, etc. have been filed in a historical class-action lawsuit.

[9/8/20]  5G Whistleblower | Frequencies and Deceptive Shrouding 

5G Whistleblower  –for the sake of his safety–  going by the alias, "Mr. Scott", opens the box of critical inside information on how these dangerous frequencies are installed; how they are disguised to look like common objects; where they are located, and what they are capable of doing.

5G Telecom / Shrouding Links sent from "Mr. Scott":

[9/1/20]  The Ultimate Holistic Anti-Virus List 

Dr. Chip provides us the ultimate list of God's Anti-Viruses for protecting our temple from viral threats.  Here we discuss the top 28.

[8/25/20]  The Virus Killers!  The List w/ Dr. Chip 

Nature provides us with all the nourishment and medicine we will ever need.  Among these are super virus killers, ways to completely restore your immunity and prevent anemia by building your blood cells.  Dr. Chip lays it out.


[8/18/20]  Killing Super Viruses | Your External Shield - God's Medicine #5 | ACTAS#15 

Coronaviruses may be deadly, but they are no no match against God's natural medicines.

How do we fortify our external shield so pathogens, super viruses, molds and allergens can not invade us?

Dr. Chip lays it out. 

[8/12/20]  Medicinal Mushrooms & Adaptogens to the Rescue!  Overcoming Stress and Anxiety with Things that Grow! God's Medicine#4 | ACTAS#14 

For the past 60 years, Dr. Chip has been researching and providing solutions to the ill in the form of plants and naturopathic medicine.  We are provided his top 10 adaptogenic mushrooms for stress, as well as nutrients and plants to help us on this Earthly journey.  

It is, and shall stay a God blessed journey – even if we have to revolutionize society's thought on what real medicine really is: Things that Grow.

[8/3/20]  Healing a Fractured Nervous System – Stress and Anxiety Solutions | God's Medicine#3 | ACTAS#13

Everyone deals with a fractured nervous system through the stress and anxiety the industrial world has laid upon us.  Commercial chemicals disguised as food; Environmental contamination; Toxic T.V. programming.

How do we use the gifts of God's medicine in order to shatter our stress and become who we should be?  Dr. Chip lays it out.

[7/27/20]  Maximum Health during the Coronavirus | God's Medicine #2 | ACTAS#12 

In these days of Covid-19, Dr. Chip discusses key facts in maintaining a superior immune system. 

Alkalinity; pure water; detoxification; plants.  

God's blessings are all around us.  
How do we tap into these simple wonders?

[7/20/20]  God's Medicine w/ Dr. Chip - Series Ep. #1 

Dr. Marlborough Spencer Nichols, a.k.a. Dr. Chip, introduces us to his renowned wealth of knowledge pertaining to natural healing.   

Pharmaceutical chemicals are poisons meant to make the drug dealers (doctors & big pharma) massive profits.  There is an ancient, holistic option:  God's plants.

(This episode is the first in what will be an ongoing series with Dr. Chip.)

[7/14/20]  Human Cloning - Reckless by Design 

Human Cloning has been occurring since the Nazi clandestine overtake of America. 

What are the ramifications in government and social cloning projects?

Human cloning groups, who have the technology to clone, may have already achieved a clandestine human cloning project.

[7/7/20]  Is Artificial Intelligence the King of the World?

Guest: Aaron Franz, The Age of Transitions


Artificial Intelligence' manipulation of human minds and society has evolved into a system of control. 

Is The Machine the king of the world? 

What influence does it have on governments and the corporations that control them? How do we resist the invasion?

[6/30/20]  Humans & Androids - Cold Metal, Cold War

The 2045 Initiative steals minds & souls for it's transhuman agenda. 

In this podcast, I read to you an investigative report I wrote uncovering their shocking cybernetic brain harvesting ideals.

• Article read: Humans & Androids: Cold Metal Cold War
• Additional Link for further research:


[6/16/20]  The Coronavirus Robotic Red Carpet Rollout

Robotics company, Boston Dynamics, today announced their four-legged Spot is now available for public purchase.
During the time in U.S. history when humans are more separated than ever, the robots have been unleashed.

Boston Dyanamics' Spot Robot:

[6/2/20]  Shungite to the Masses! | ACTAS#6

Ex-electronics warfare verteran and founder of the shungite devoted website,, and radio station,, Nancy Hopkins joins us to discuss the fascinating facts around the mysterious black stone, shungite.  The stone contained fullerenes, which attenuate harmful frequencies from electro-magnetic radiation.  Shungite has shown to be a very promising stone when introduced to beehives:  They thrive! 


[12/19/19]  Nuclear Whistleblower (Dr. David Manuta) Former Chief Scientist at Atomic Bomb Materials Manufacturing Facility, the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant tells all! | ACTAS#5

Dr. David Manuta is a former chief scientist at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant which enriched uranium for nuclear bombs during the cold war, and later for nuclear power plants. He is now a nuclear whistleblower and an investigator.


In this discussion, we investigate major issues regarding the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (A-Plant) that have effected the local community in regards to radioactive fallout from the plant and highly significant chemical & radiation bad practices (possibly criminal) that have occurred at the atomic bomb material manufacturing facility since its inception in 1953.

Death by Diffusion - Nuclear Whistleblower Investigative Exposé | ACTAS#6

This is the entire audio from A Call to Actions' first full-length documentary/investigative exposé entitled, Death by Diffusion.

Featured in this documentary are four prominent nuclear whistleblowers formerly working at the Portmsouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (A-Plant) in Piketon, Ohio.  This plant manufactured weapons-grade uranium for nuclear bombs during the Cold War, and thus left a legacy of lies, cover-ups and what equates to mass-murdering of the local population and workers through radiation and chemical releases.

The whistleblowers featured in this documentary are (in order of appearance):
Dr. David Manuta, Vina Colley, Charles "Chick" Lawson & Jeff Walburn

To purchase the hard-copy DVD, go to

 [2/19/20]  Cyborgs in Space |w/ Aaron Franz | ACTAS#3

In this episode, we are joined with Aaron Franz, who is the host of the podcast,
The Age of Transitions, and the author of the book, REVOLVE - Man's Scientific Rise to Godhood. He also is the filmmaker of the documentary, The Age of Transitions

We discuss the shocking history of cybernetics and cyborg research and development – one being the idea of recreating man for space in the form of a cyborg. NASA was interested in 1963. Elon Musk has created the brain implant company, Neuralink. What's next? Trump's Space Force launching cyborgs into space? All of this and more is discussed in a loose, yet documented manner with Aaron.

The Age of Transitions website with links to subscribing to his podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, TUNEIN, iHeartRADIO, etc.:

Support Aaron Franz & The Age of Transitions by becoming a patron on his Patreon page:

A couple documents discussed in this show:
Cognition 2035: Surviving a Complex Environment Through Unprecedented Intelligence:
Engineering Man for Space - THE CYBORG STUDY:

[11/19/19]  Uranium is Beyond Toxic...It's Deadly! | ACTAS#2

Dr. Chris Busby, one of the last of his generation of radiation scientists who conduct intensive investigations into the health and environmental effects of uranium and radioactive products, including plutonium, detailingly explains his investigations and the effects that the planet is faced with that we must solve.

[7/20/2019]  Shungite - The Countless Benefits | ACTAS#1

Nancy Hopkins from Cosmic Reality ( delivers to you the facts about the mysterious and miraculous gift from God known as Shungite. Everything from electrmagnetic radiation shielding to allowing bee populations to prosper – there is hope for the future with the gift of Shungite.