The Great Lakes Villains
 – Key Players, Their Proposals and Plans

Some of the most moronic and potentially damaging proposals within current history involving corporate - governmental interest in the Great Lakes. 

 Looks like pieces of a larger agenda to control the water supply by intentional exploitation and pollution.


Key Villains Convicts A: Nestle Waters (A Nestle company)

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board of Directors Videos on how Nestle feels about Peoples’ right to water: VIDEOS

Mark Schneider, 
Chief Executive Officer 
 What? Stealing 218 gallons per minute of fresh water from aquifers feeding Lake Michigan then outsourcing it to other countries

 Two key documents 1.) Nestle Waters North America Inc Application Under Section 17(3) of the Michigan SDWA - Appendix A 

2.) Golder SSR 4125 data submittal Attach 5-White Pine Springs Aquifer Characteristics SSPA

 Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!
 1. Boycott all Nestle water products and nestle foodstuffs
 (Search their databases of brands to know what not to buy). 
When you take away the demand for their products, you effect their supply and pocketed profits. 
2. Sign and share this PETITION


Convicts B :
 Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

Bernard Lord, 
Board Chair

Jeffrey J. Lyash, President and CEO C0nvicts B2: Nuclear Waste Management Organization (Canada)

Laurie Swami
, President and CEO

Christopher Hatton
, Director, Repository Design and Development

David Crombie
, Chair, Advisory Council

 What? In 2006, Ontario Power Generation, with The Nuclear Waste Management Organization, initiated a long-term project of geological studies of underground Paleozoic rock beneath the Bruce site near Ontario – within the Saugeen Ojibway Nation tribe’s native territory – for the creation of a proposed Deep Geological Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste. The Bruce Site is on the shore of Lake Huron which is the huge concern here – and proposing to bury radioactive waste there underground is ludicrous, irresponsible and possibly planned as a depopulation move to take out local natives.

Documents: 1. Ontario Power Generation-Deep Geological Repository-2 pager.pdf 2. Ontario Power Generation-Deep Geological Repository-12pages.pdf 3. Ontario-Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission-Dec 21 2016 .pdf 4. Ontario-NWMO-Preliminary Description-December 2016.pdf Solutions
 Share the knowledge and if you live near the Great Lakes you can send a letter to your mayor and council urging them to pass a resolution opposing Ontario Power Generation’s proposed nuclear waste repository. Petition their plan. Petitioning has worked for many decades as a backbone technique, yielding extraordinary results.

 1. Letter (SAMPLE LETTER)
 2. Resolution to Include with Letter 3. Sign this PETITION 4. Contact “Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump” if you are personally interested in making a large contribution.


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