A Call to Actions! Trump Signs Executive Order Continuing Pipeline at Standing Rock - Resist with A

It is still almost unbelievable that an individual with experience only in capital business and acting could become a president of a nation. Indeed, intended to play a "leader" role of a society searching for the truth... What we got was the Trump.

Though, I am definitely not in support of the binary "opposite" known as Hillary Clinton - whose scandals and affiliations (ex. Pizzagate) are some of the most notorious in modern history - the subject of concern here is Mr. Trump and his recent pen strokes just days after his seat as President of the United States. Besides nominating an Exxon Mobile Chairman, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State - possibly the worst pick - he has made another very insensitive and horrendous decision: The 45th President of the Unites States of America has signed an executive order ordering the Dakota Access Pipeline to continue operation. This comes after much oppression, arrests, abuse and brutality of the Sioux Nation and accompanying protesters at the hands of militarized police working in favor of Energy Transfer Partners. This level of injustice led Unites States military veterans to migrate to the site at the Standing Rock Reservation.

SOLUTION: Because a politician signs something, does not mean we cannot stop their action through our action as The People. We must remember that this is Our Planet. One easy and effective way our voice can be heard is through petitioning - a form of peaceful protesting.

The one-of-a-kind, people-oriented and legendary lawyer, Danny Sheehan and his Lakota People's Law Project represents the Lakota People and all defending the tribes and water at Standing Rock. You can sign this petition RESISTING Trump's action to continue the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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