Boycott Nestle/Arrowhead Water ~ End Drought in California!

October 17, 2015


California has been in extreme drought conditions for four years, yet Nestle which has had an expired water permit for 27 years, continues to produce and profit off of more than 1 billion bottles of Arrowhead spring water every year. 


We are asking everyone to boycott Nestle Arrowhead water and Nestle brand bottled water products to send them an immediate punch to their profit margin and demand they leave California once and for all.  If you don't buy it, they will have to stop raping our natural water supply and alievate drought conditions. 


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Thank you for boycotting Nestle and BEing the change!


Every dollar you spend speaks volumes.  Please help us get the word out by sharing with friends and family to stop buying their products.


This just in!

October 14, 2015


“The Story of Stuff Project, the California-based Courage Campaign Institute, and the Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit this week against the U.S. Forest Service for allowing Nestle to continue to bottle millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest with a permit that expired 27 years ago,”


"The lawsuit specifically challenges Nestlé’s four-mile pipeline that siphons water from San Bernardino National Forest’s Strawberry Creek to bottling operations in Ontario, Calif. The groups are calling on the court to immediately shut down the pipeline and order the Forest Service to conduct a full permitting process that includes environmental reviews.


In 2014 alone an estimated 28 million gallons were piped away from the forest to be bottled and sold under Nestlé’s Arrowhead brand of bottled water. The permit expired in 1988, but the piping system remains in active use, siphoning about 68,000 gallons of water a day out of the forest last year. 


“We Californians have dramatically reduced our water use over the past year in the face of an historic drought, but Nestlé has refused to step up and do its part,” said Michael O’Heaney, executive director of the Story of Stuff Project. “Until the impact of Nestlé’s operation is properly reviewed, the Forest Service must turn off the spigot.” "


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