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Hi , I am a musician , artist , vocalist , writer , and my hobby is science . I am targeted due to who I am and my family history and bloodline . I have exposed C.I.A. and Illuminati black operations many times , and this lead to serious gang stalking and trouble for me . I continue to work to expose the gang staIkers involved in these covert black operations such as drug running and child trafficking and sex slavery . By exposing this evil to bring help to the victims . I am constantly targeted by the C.I.A . and gang stalkers in their cartel networks

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The short film Black Man (below) is about me in Romania and what I went threw living in Bucharest . One of Romania's biggest film producers wanted to meet with me 4 weeks after we made this short film . The producers of my film was one of his students at the university and did this film as a semester project in film school . I was illegally picked up off the streets by police a day before the meeting . They tried to deport me back to America . Romanian customs officers got involved and found out what was really taking place and who I was . They broke international E.U. law . ( legally they must deport you to your country of origin by law ) After researching my case because of who I was and what I did it was clear this was no joke and should be taken really seriously . I was allowed to go to Paris France were I received French Legion training at the request of a close friend and Romanian champion Kick Boxer who is also French Foreign Legion . This training keeps me alive even today .I never had a chance to finish training due to being attacked on the streets of Paris . In Paris I was attacked and left with a broken are , two broken fingers and head and back trauma . I could not train any longer and spent 7 months living in the streets of Paris with and broken arm ext . France deported me back to America after my situation became really hostile by me dealing with consistent attacks with a broken arm.

I lived in Europe for 8 years to get away from the American C.I.A. N.A.S.A. masonic cartel cult based in Houston . Houston is were I grew up and I grew up around there kids . These cults are who also operate in Hollywood , the drug , female cartel and also in the entertainment industry around the world . I lost the love of my life due to me saying no to Free masonic occult leaders in the cartel Female trafficking / music / modeling / entertainment world in Romania . They are called the Parecelsius group . The are the Masonic cult that run the Romanian government and cartels . After I found out what happen to my Romanian fiance . I went to the streets of Romania to expose the cartel due to me having no fear of death because I lost my love . I was forced into the cold streets of Bucharest after the cartel paid off all the clubs and club owners not to hire me . I started making videos in the cold Bucharest snow while homeless in Romania day after day , night after night . I thought I was going to die . But I honestly did not care . I just wanted to bring her some justice were so many women have none . I only wanted justice for what the female gypsy cartel did to her and so many women , children and men .

The first video's that I made about the cartel in Romania are on my you tube channel . Zakaos Breedlove Ewing is my channels name . They are the first videos on this channel when it was started years ago . Most of theses earlier videos are filmed from the cold Romanian streets . I started exposing the cartel with a cheap video camera and up loading the videos at Orange in down town old Bucharest . I would walk all night to stay alive to keep my body from freezing in the cold snow . After a night of walking and recording I would go to Orange . Orange was located just behind Fashion Tv headquarters for Eastern Europe and Romania . I also djed for Romanian Fashion Tv . Fashion Tv Romania is owned by the Female cartel and it is a money laundering front for prostitution and child trafficking . I did many many videos on the cartel and Fashion Tv . I did most of them in front of there establishments or in front of the head office of Fashion Tv . The cartel also stay in the apartments above the head office across the street from Orange .

Recently there have been several attempts on my life due to the highly informative and sensitive information released in recent article I wrote or help write . I have released information that they never wanted in the public domain . Information on mind control and the entertainment world and how it really works . Two years ago I helped Laurel Aston a ex C.I.A. human trafficking victim and whistle blower get out of America from N.Y. into Mexico . Laurel Aston and I have made videos that over 20k have watched and shared over the last few years . When we got to Mexico the cartel run black operation on us . I tried to get a lawyer for Laurel to help her legally and this lawyer named Cesar Augusta stole everything from us and ran a black operation with the Mexican cartel . It turned out he was cartel and paid the Cancun municipal and Federal cops to come in our home with machine guns illegally . Augusta told the cartel cops I was trafficking a little girl . When they busted into our home they found Laurel ( a full grown women over 25 ) and me . There was no little girl like Augusta had claimed . They stole all our property and identification . My legal passport that proved I was in Mexico legally . They also stole all our paperwork and my , art , family pictures and much more . This was all done so they could dry me and Laurel's money up and set us up to be soft killed or disappeared with nothing left . We are still alive writing to who ever will take the time to learn and listen .

After being locked in a Mexican jail for over 3 months they deported me back to America with nothing . Laurel remains a captive of the corrupt Mexican cartel shadow government . I have done all I can to help her and they continue to come after us but we just keep writing the truth in hope we will wake people up to what is going on in silence and to so many women children and men . Men like me who put there life on the line to stand up for the silenced and the ones who never had a chance . I need help getting out of America and ultimately selling my amazing unbelievable life story . I have no money at this time and I just lost my apartment due to exposing Mexican cartel activity next door to me . It is clear it is time to leave America for good and try to live some what of a normal life . They just will not leave me alone because I love and care for kids and women . They do not care about kids and women . They sale and trade them like cattle .

I am humbly asking you to please help me help my self so I can continue to help the children and women who people need to help . If we do not we have no future worth living for . This is the only reason I live for . I pray justice will come swift and soon . I need help to get to another country were people are more sympathetic to our fight and cause . Please feel free to watch my first videos on my you tube channel ( Zakaos Breedlove Ewing ) about me against the cartel and me helping Laurel Aston expose what the C.I.A. nazi cult did to her from the age of two . Please spread the word about me and Laurel Aston and here captivity in Mexico . Please do not help them silence us any longer . Thank you for your much needed help ,time awareness and support .

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This is the article I did my best to translate from the Romanian Diicott papers from a Romanian news paper writer . I also added my own intro to the article and you can find the Romanian link to the original article at the end of my Face Book note . This investigations took over two years and it started with me exposing the cartel from the streets when no one would stand with me . God was with me . That is all I need .

Fashion Tv & The Female Cartel . FTV Got Busted.Owners Of The RO.Cartel Are Nicu Gheara and Livue Morano.Child Sex Trade Exposed . This is the story I wrote on the Mexican Cartel In Cancun while I was protecting Laurel Aston . Cancun And The Cartel And The C.I.A. Run Americano Mall With 5 Star Sex Slavery / Prostitution Service. This is a article I helped compile and write with Laurel Aston to help get her true life story out to the world . Laurel Aston Ex. C.I.A. Whistle Blower Reveals Psychiatric Mind Control Trauma Based Operations This is my DJ biography with my past dj gigs and artist I have worked with . I can not update it from my cell . This is my newest article I have released . No Real News , Black Operation American Government Drug Dealers & Mind Control . Please visit my blogs @ Zakaos Breedlove Ewing @ blogspot . com to read more in for mative articles. Thank you for you time and if you got this far in my story . I thank you for you time . Here are some free on line music of my mixing and scratching and music production . Zakaos Vs Gang Star . This is a turtablist mix I made in Romania . Down load or listen for free. www-myspace-com-djzakaos-djzakaos-yahoo"> www-myspace-com-djzakaos-djzakaos-yahoo" target="_blank" class="txt1" rel="nofollow"> gang-star- www-myspace-com-djzakaos-djzakaos-yahoo This is a mix of unrealeased promo demo tracks made by me Zakaos and Vano . I made a mix of our songs . Enjoy .

This is a live recorded jungle mix from my friends birthday party a few months ago . You can listen or down load it for free . Enjoy the true Jungle old school vibe . Listen to Zakaos + Live Classic Jungle mix @ J.B Day PTY. D. at At J.B Day Part

This is a chill funk groove mix I put together . You can listen or down load for free . Zakaos - Super Spy . Mix This is a trap demo mix I recently made .

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