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I first heard about Targeted Individuals in 2013. At the time I was interested in finding out more about the details and wanted to interview someone that had insight into exactly what this looked like and how one got on the target list. I asked a coworker and he referred me to someone he knew personally and I spoke with her at great length about her personal experience. But she suggested I reach out to Laurel, because she was considered the poster child of TI’s.

I reached out to Laurel and we planned an interview which ended up becoming a round table type discussion between several people. I learned a tremendous amount of information about TI’s and the degree at which one can be harassed by this system that harasses and tortures its targets through various means. It also triggered many connections in my own life and I am very grateful for that insight.

Shortly after our interview with Laurel there was a combination of several drama plots playing out that ended in our disconnection until this past month. One of the typical ploys the dark side uses to keep TI’s from liberating themselves is to destroy any collaborations that might break one free of the system that manipulates and controls targeted individuals. Obviously these targets are a threat to this system and must be kept at the lowest vibration or condition to prevent them from exposing and dismantling the very control mechanisms that drive the machine.

We can go into the details of how Laurel was targeted before birth from here. It may sound like a horror movie to some, but it is a reality for Laurel. I have never seen someone remain so strong despite a life of constant harassment in numerous forms. We are sharing here not to dramatize Laurel’s life experience, but to ask how we can put an end to her torture.

We have three goals that are our immediate focus:

  • Get Laurel enough funding to alleviate her current hellish living conditions where she is living as a prisoner in extreme poverty.

  • Free her from the grasp of the CIA drug and human trafficking Gulf Cartel in Mexico which has kept her in these conditions for over a year!

  • Find her a safe place to live out the rest of her life without constant harassment from this system.

Laurel shares here in her own words…..

Laurel Aston Ex CIA Operative Fighting Child & Human Trafficking & Slavery

Via Laurel Aston Ex C.I.A. Trafficking Victim From The Age Of Two - A Refugee in Mexico

I am currently a refugee in the Yucatan of Mexico . After being set up by dirty cops working with a C.I.A. attorney by the name of Cesar Agusta . He was working together with the C.I.A. to strip me of my life savings and all my expensive jewelry and property. I had my door kicked in by dirty Cancun police at my home on 4 Relampago street in Cancun ,and was then taken to I.N.M. Mexican press were there taking pictures and the streets were blocked off . After police were told my companion Zakaos aka Deane Ewing was trafficking a little girl .The little girl in question was me . The attorney Cesar Agusta told this to his friend that is the head of the municiple police .The name Cesar Agusta is a C.I.A. ploy , having to do with a secret operation or your rank and who runs you in the C.I.A. .The C.I.A. often use names of Disney characters ,dead film stars or historical figures when running such secret operations .

I had originally hired Agusta to handle my plea for political asylum in Mexico. Agusta then stripped me of my life savings , and house paid in full for one year , my jewelry , all property ,all our papers and anything used to identify our selves in any way shape or form . This was done to Zakaos and me at the hands of the Cancun Municipal police that is run by the Cartel .

I was taken from Cancun I.N.M. to Chetumal I.N.M. I filled out all necessary paper work and gave interviews for the asylum process explaining why I needed protection .This was very difficult with the language barrier. Even more difficult considering I was right in the middle of a large scale C.I.A. black op operation ,with the help of dirty federal officials , police, and a group from the Middle East. I explained that I was a victim of child trafficking in the US Military C.I.A. one who was falsely documented .I had been forced to live in poverty with no legal I.D. working for cash off the books in Chinese medicine as a therapist . I worked for 7 and a half years 15 to 17 hour days to save money for my escape to Mexico .Which I had been planning a very long time. I explained I was a child assassin and sex slave forced to have numerous rape babies against my will. The first was at age 9 by the C.I.A. U.S. Naval intel operative who posed as my biological father with fake documents . His name was Wylie Duke Nichols . I bare an unusual scar from a highly unusual surgical procedure only seen when a child gives birth to a child , as well as unusual surgeries only seen when a very small child is raped and must be surgically reconstructed and sewn back up. I have been told by shocked gynecologist that this was repeated many times. I had testified in the Supreme Court in the Chambers of Judge Stanley Green against dirty doctors on C.I.A. payroll used to torture me surgically with mutilation and then finally attempt to kill me by secretly changing my life saving thyroid medicine .It nearly worked as I became deathly ill and my once very thick hair fell out in chunks until I had bald spots . My body was going into shock.

I began to backtrack and discovered what they had done as well as the fact that the older Bengali man in his late maybe mid 40 s was using a pharmacy license for a 26 year old female , she was Islamic, at Uni Med in Brooklyn NY . I also detailed the numerous assassination attempts I survived such as having my car run off a cliff in Auburn Ca . For which there are police reports,having a plane engine blown up and catch fire ,during a flight I was on, American airlines Aug 2001 .LA to Omaha Nebraska ,(home of the Franklin cover up)

After 18 days in Chetumal I.N.M. , Deane and I were taken to Merida Mexico .This is where things took a deadly and terrifying turn. The head of I.N.M. prisoners a federal INM official named Ricardo Paz of Merida Mexico ,told us upon arrival .That a medical exam was mandatory for all I.N.M. prisoners and a mandatory part of the asylum process. His words said , its almost over , his face and shifty eyes said . I am a little scum bag waiting for the right moment to stick a knife in your backs. I later told Zakaos I knew at that moment we were in some pretty serious trouble,and that something horrible was about to go down .And it did . We were taken to a pre arranged set up, a hit being carried out by the CIA , AMERIKAN Consulate and Mexican cartel who work for the CIA US Naval intel in drug running ,and child trafficking, and some un identified group from the middle east .Who were in Mexico speaking Spanish and trying to pass as Latin people ,with their dark skin and somewhat Spanish looks . We were told we had to do an interview with psychiatrists as a mandatory part of the asylum process .The head of I.N.M. prisoners told me I would also be examined by a female gynecologist ,for which they needed my signature on Spanish documents I could not read . I do not speak or rather remember almost no Spanish what so ever . The Federal I.N.M. official said seeing my concern that I could be in a set up , told me this was a mandatory part of the asylum process .It would take a few hours and I would be returned to I.N.M. Merida.

The doctors all speaking perfect English echoed this bold faced lie . I would be refused asylum without this .( All parties involved doctors and the I.N.M. official speak perfect English ,better than my own . I filed a report and criminal charges with the dirty and complicated Amerikkkan consulate .The consulate were in on this C.I.A. black op (Robert Tibbetts and Susan McGuire in Merida Mexico ), the doctors immediately tried to claim they speak almost no English and the entire problem hinged on a language barrier ,I am not exactly sure how they are going to explain the fact that they were all using fake names. )Having no choice I signed the documents in Spanish which I could not read.

I was lied to by the criminal poorly trained little thugs posing as doctors in this state run 3 rd world filthy smelly little hellhole . The I.N.M. official who was with the criminal doctors told me to go to the bathroom and take off all my clothes for a gynecologist exam . I complied and with a thin gown on and nothing else,was walked back for what I thought would be an OBGYN exam by a female doctor. I was instead lead into a 1 month journey of terror and hell ,these so called doctors even tried to kill me while locked away in there care . I was lead to the back to a holding cell for severely mentally ill girls and women. I said to the nurse I think there has been some mistake. I am supposed to be given a physical and gynecologist exam. I was immediately surrounded by rough uneducated men who make as little as $5 US Dollars a day .they were very keen on letting me know I had better get in the cell or else. Realizing that being calm and professional was the only way to attract the help of staff not on payroll .I complied and remained respectful and calm. I later told the head nurse Marta who speaks English. Who I was, that I was in Mexico to ask for political asylum and that they had lied to me and tricked me into signing papers I did not understand in Spanish .Marta seemed genuinely shocked hearing the whole story .I doubt she will lie and risk her job and future for criminals who were clearly paid a great deal of money to run an op on an innocent human rights activist , who turned the tragedy of being a child trafficking victim and child sex slave into a victory with important human rights work .That has made a great deal of difference bringing about new laws protecting trafficked children and sex slaves all over Amerika. I will not get into the long sordid story of every humiliation I suffered while being terrorized, tortured, harrassed, and sexually humiliated and forcibly drugged out of my head at HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRICO in the Yucatan. However I was terrified from the very beginning .I knew what was going to happen to me the minute I saw what a serious set up was going on.

The female doctor who was first in charge of me, took my life saving thyroid medication, that I have been on for 14 years . She claimed she lost the bottle. She then claimed that I.N.M. took the thyroid medicine and that Mexico did not have thyroid medicine. In fact thyroid medicine is easily obtainable right over the counter without a prescription all over Mexico. I explained to this poorly trained criminal that thyroid medicine was like heart medicine you could kill some removing thyroid medicine abruptly . And that in fact I testified against dirty doctors in the Supreme court who had tried to kill me by secretly changing my thyroid medicine from 1.5 armour to .30 thyroid medication with out telling me. I went into shock, lost my hair and became deathly ill. I also explained to this female doctor that she and the others had lied to me and tricked me into signing papers in Spanish I could not read .That what they were doing was illegal and they would all be sued if I was not immediately released or allowed to call the Amerikkkan consulate at once . The female doctor, who was also using a fake name, had me surrounded by rough uneducated men and injected with something that knocked me out. Every time I woke up and calmly told her she was participating in a serious crime and that I would get an attorney and sue her if I was not released and allowed to call the Amerikkkan consulate. She had me injected and knocked unconscious .This was utterly terrifying.

I was kept mostly unconscious for nearly 2 weeks. There were Mexican intel and cartel members in HOSPITAL PSYCHAITRICO posing as patients , and a few middle eastern people trying to pass as Mexican .The criminals posing as doctors at HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRICO were working with these criminals knowingly .And giving them special preferential treatment . One older lady was given better food and kept in a tiny private area. She was middle eastern trying to pass as Mexican. She approached me at once singing New York New York to let me know she knew who I was, and trying to gain my trust .She was clearly middle eastern and spoke Spanish as a second language .The doctors worked with her and knew full well she was an operative. The female doctor using a fake name put me in a tiny isolated but open cell, where I was forced to strip naked 2 times a day and shower nude in front of male garbage collectors and janitors who were rough uneducated men who enjoyed the privilege of staring at all the naked girls while being in the shower area with them.

The cell was filthy and stank to high heaven and was open to all kinds of foot traffic. I was forced to shower nude and use the bathroom in front of the public and strange men .This is all known in the C.I.A. as trauma based mind control . To terrify and humiliate a victim into silence and complete compliance. I was approached by a Mexican Cartel member or possibly a free mason working with Mexican intel posing as a patient at Hospital Psychiatrico . There were many such fakes there, telling me if I kept my mouth shut and went along with everything they would be very generous with me and even set up a practice for me as a therapist in a year .The fear and terror tactics and threats of future such attacks . Did in fact work for a few months, especially with all the threats from I.N.M. officials ,and Robert Tibbetts from the AMERIKAN consulate in Merida Mexico . Robert went against standard procedure and entered my cell alone with me at I.N.M. in Merida and told me that even though my case had been closed by the US State dept , and that they had found nothing . There was no evidence that I was Amerikkan other than my Supreme court case , which did not prove I was Amerikkkan .That was not to say they might not find something on me in the future, and have me sent back to Amerikkka .This was of course criminal,what this man was proposing to do. While being imprisoned and terrorized by criminals at Hospital Psychiatrico.

I was the only one there not given a pair of shower shoes while in that filthy place .I asked for shoes daily ,and explained that the over medicated zombies there routinely missed the toilet and urinated and shit all over the floor . I was walking in my bare feet in human excrement and was going to get very sick and possibly contract something dangerous or even AIDS New people arrived daily and were given shower shoes . I was there 30 days and received a pair of shoes days before I left and only after I contracted a serious infection in my right foot as well as dysentery. As did all the other unfortunate people there .A doctor gave me antibiotics and cut open my toe to drain the excess fluid and infection. The gross un- professionalism of the staff in this filthy very smelly zoo was not to be believed .Yet certainly no one with any real education and earning power would have worked in this hell hole and for such low wages .It is also important for the reader to understand that salaries are so low in Mexico that guards can be bribed with food Everyone is open to a bribe because of the poverty in Mexico . Another problem is the fact that the Gulf Cartel moved their families to Merida and called a truce there. Merida is run by the cartel which run the drugs and children for the US Naval intel C.I.A The C.I.A. run the cartel and protect them , even in the states, because the Cartel work for them.

I am being held in limbo in Mexico in abject poverty I can not work or leave the country. I am being threatened by all parties involved if I do not remain silent. I was suppose to be given a temporary residence card by I.N.M. so I could work in Mexico to feed an support myself. I was not given this .Instead I am in limbo, gratefully taken in by Nuns in a convent and I cannot leave the country or work. I go before the COMAR in Vera Cruz I believe in January .The COMAR are handling my case for asylum, as a refugee with no country or valid birth certificate anywhere in the world. This proves everything I have been telling the world concerning child trafficking via the US Military-CIA, for nearly 8 long terrifying years. I am asking everyone to please research my case and write in to human rights groups on my behalf. Or I will be railroaded and held in limbo in Mexico just as I was in Amerika. I have enclosed the top human rights groups dealing with such cases internationally. No one should allow such criminals to operate and get away with such outrageous human rights violations and truly evil crimes against a former child trafficking victim and victim of lifelong human slavery in the U.S. Military C.I.A.

LAUREL ASTON - A Refugee In Mexico - note

If you would like to further research my story please feel free to Visit my Supreme court documents here.

Judge Stanley Greens chambers

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Laurel Aston vs Dr. William B Rosenblatte Dr. Imelda Carin case nu 304948-2011

Laurel Aston Vs Dr. Baboumian Dr. Imelda Carin Dr. Billah Uni Med and SDF PHARMACY Case nu 300490-2011

Please help me and take some time to write or call these organizations on my behalf . Thank you for your much needed time and support .



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Thank you all very much for your time. Working together I will receive justice. And we can bring justice to the fake professionals and governmental criminals profiting from the immense suffering of child and human slavery and drug running .If everyone made one call or wrote one letter these people would all be behind bars where they belong.

The C.I.A.s Mexican Set Up On Laurel Aston and Zakaos .

Child Trafficking Victim & Ex C. I. A. Operative Laurel Aston Expose C.I.A. Rape And Breeding Programs .

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