Abundance Without Ecocide

Our dear friend Gary Christmas shares this message of hope, inspiration and commitment to unify all humanity to awaken to our individual and collective responsibility to protect and nurture our personal relationship with each other and our Mother Earth.

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The Dalai Lama, Hopi and Kogi elders are meeting this week to discuss how we create an Abundant Future without Ecocide. With spiritual leaders like the Pope, Chief Arvol Lookinghorse, and the Dalai Lama coming forward to address the importance of protecting the natural environment, it appears that the World is beginning to wake up. Exploitative capitalism, ruled by banks and greed, has caused tremendous suffering for humans while wounding the eco-systems that sustain our lives.

There is a deep-rooted myth that we cannot have a prosperous economy whilst also taking care of the planet and each other. The crisis in Greece, the battle over global-resources, and controversial secret trade deals like TPP are showing us that power grabs and endless debt are not the way to build a positive future on the planet. Luckily, we have the wisdom of indigenous and spiritual leaders to show us the way. This weekend in California, the Dalai Lama will be meeting with the Kogi, Hopi, and other traditional people to discuss creating an abundant future without ecocide.

“Peace and the survival of life on earth as we know it are threatened by human activities which lack a commitment to humanitarian values. Destruction of nature and nature’s resources result from ignorance, greed and lack of respect for the earth’s living things.” – Dalai Lama

Ecocide is a brilliant term describing the destruction of the natural environment. Ecocide Law is an emerging legal movement that establishes the rights of the ecosystem. Just like Dr. Seuss’ famous Lorax character, who invited us to consider who speaks for the trees, people are waking up to their responsibility to be respectful stewards of our planet. Gary Christmas, organiser of the Abundance Without Ecocide event, is one of these people. I am grateful to have had a moment to ask Gary how he got involved with hosting Hopi and Kogi for the Dalia Lama’s 80th birthday celebration.

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“My close friends and I have been working with members of Hopi for years and we invited them out from July 8th to 15th initially.” Gary replied. “I also invited members of the Kogi out at that same time after I saw the movie ALUNA, which has a beautiful and powerful message for humanity about our role in caring for Mother Earth. The film also includes an urgent message to immediately apply more wisdom in our activities with regard to development, energy, pollution, war, etc.”

“After Hopi and Kogi individuals had both accepted to come to California, I was meditating on this and the Dalai Lama’s face appeared in my meditation. He was really laughing a lot. It gave me a very big smile, and I laughed as well!” Gary continued, “After the meditation I realized that maybe our Hopi and Kogi friends could participate in the Dalai Lama’s birthday celebration… two phone calls later, Ruben Saufkie, Hopi, was booked to bring Eagle Dancers on July 5th at the Honda Center with over 15,000 people, plus a private blessing with the Dalai Lama on July 7th.”

“Kogi Elders including Kogi Mama Luis Nuavita (spiritual leader visiting from Colombia, South America) were asked to speak at the Compassionate Planet Conference at UCI, with 5,500 people in the audience. Once this was done, it became clear to me that all of this had been designed by the Creator, and I was fortunate enough to be the steward to carry this plan to fruition. I am very humbled and blessed to be doing this work, connecting members of Kogi and Hopi cultures with the Dalai Lama on July 5, 6, 7.” Gary said.

“We are also having several events following the Dalai Lama celebration in Laguna Beach, Malibu and Ojai,” continued Gary, “which are all ceremonies where the Hopi Medicine Wheel, and Double Eagle Dance will be performed.”

“As well as this, there will be Kogi Wisdom talks where our Elder Brothers will share many messages from the Creator about Mother Earth, and the steps we as care-takers of this planet must now take to correct our course.”

“This will be the first time the Kogi have spoken some of these messages and we will be filming all of this for TV episodes being negotiated now.” Gary concluded by explaining that this “is a very special time where their message can be heard so we are doing everything possible to get this message out to the masses.” A trust is currently being created for the Kogi, so that all profits generated from TV and other media can be directed to them for their use. This will assist them in buying back as much of their land as possible, and to use as needed for travel and tools.

The Hopi Eagle Dancers were some of the messengers who ran over 1,500 miles with a message of water in 2004. I was along for that journey, documenting and filming with Brian Hardin. Our video of Chief Arvol Lookinghorse (see below) has been shared extensively on social networks. Giving indigenous communities a voice via independent media is crucial in this time of prophecy. Kathy Eldon and the Creative Visions Foundation has supported Culture Collective in making this dream come true and today we see a full-fledged movement of conscience sweeping across the globe. The time is now!

We are currently witnessing unprecedented change and transformation happening. The most beautiful thing about it is that each one of us has a role to play in the much-needed healing of our beloved planet. UPLIFT is dedicated to shining a light on the positive changes happening, but it is really everyone joining in the conversation, or sharing these posts who creates the impact. So we have YOU to thank! With cooperation, modern technology and a resolve to make positive change, we truly have the capacity to create a world of abundance for everyone without destroying our eco-system in the process. You can learn more about the Abundance Without Ecocide by visiting this website.

Who is involved?

Kogi Mama Luis NuavitaSpiritual Leader Visiting from Colombia, South America Mama Luis (pronounced Mamo) is Son of the sun, traditional authority of Tungueka and The Sierra nevada de Santa marta, a River seeder and interbridger of sacred places, a town seeder, Time keeper, Danta Guardian,(Sacred animal form the Amazon), and guradian of the Jaguar, a recuperator of the sacred sites, a caller of the rain, a knower of sacred objects, master and founder of the towns: Naranjal, teyumake, Baraguera and Tayku

Kogi Jorge Luis DibVisiting from Colombia, South America Director of Jumeleishi mission, Recuperator of natural spaces, socially and culturally. A seeder of rivers, along with Mama Luis and other traditional Kogis authorities, Jorge has helped recuperate the first City of original or indigenoues people in La Sierra. Interconnector of apparent opposites. Messenger and keeper of Time. Visionary of Vital Santa Marta Plan (Hummingbird Spirit) for the continuation of Life on our Earth. Jorge works in agreement with Social, Public, Private and Religious organizations as well as with the Spiritual Fathers and Mothers of Nature.

Ruben Saufkie Sr.Visiting from Hopi From Ruben: I am from the Water Clan of the Hopi People of Arizona. A Messenger of H2OPI, Sharing Peace through Water. My own personal recovery has helped me to encourage as many people to find the Compassion toward Forgiveness to awaken their Hearts. This the way to living in Balance, Harmony, and Unity which leads to Peace and Being Hopi. No matter how challenging life becomes we must not lose Faith within ourselves because Creator will not give up on us. We must do our very best to live by Creators Law which is very simple, take care of the Land and it will take of you. This is what we share when we do the Eagle dance. We depend on the Eagles strength to carry our prayers from our Hearts to the Creator and the Universe for all Beings to Live in Oneness once again. May Peace Prevail within and throughout the World and Universe. Kwak-Leah, H2OPI


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