Disastrous Texas Flooding Linked to JADE HELM Weather Modification

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With 70 counties under emergency declaration in The State of Texas the connection between the upcoming "Exercise Operations" of JADE HELM 15 and weather modification have not been properly outlined for the public.

The Texas Weather Modification Advisory Commitee recently met April 30, 2015 to oversee a variety of different weather modification issues that affect the health and safety of Texas citizens.

Note specifically item F.

"Field meterologists' report on

planned modification activies for 2015."

It is no secret that recent polls have shown up to 57% of Texas citizens have an unfavorable view of the federal government. Evidently this includes Governor Greg Abbott as he activated The Texas State Guard to monitor the activities of the Special Operations and Command troops that are scheduled to begin the exercise June 15th through September 15th.

In essence , the very things Governor Abbott had hoped to avoid by the activation of The Texas State Guard to oversee JADE HELM 15 are now coming to pass still weeks prior to the official date given by federal authorities for the exercise to begin.

Things like FEMA agents going door to door, many millions in damages throughout the state, and over 20 people killed with thousands of others being displaced.

The time to deny factors that contribute to weather patterns from space as well as those which are made by man has come to an end. The use of weather modification not only has the capability to keep the public safe in the event of potential catastrophic conditions but it can also be used as a potent and powerful weapon.

The timing of the recent violent weather outbreak in Texas speaks for itself.

The use of mind control is ongoing at epic and unprecedented levels. Governor Abbott signed a new education referendum focused on our youth while the use of the weaponized tower system persists not only on Texas Public school property which constitutes innumerable federal law violations in and of itself, but throughout the entire state and across the country.

The coming days, weeks, and months are going to change our nation in ways many within the general public have not considered. There has not been a more important time to stand together in our history.


The Senior Persian Connection:

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