Liberating All Targeted Individuals!!!

The following interview is in regards to a *Targeted Individual by the name of 'Len'. It was a live recording on Talk-Shoe while Len was given an exclusive V.I.P. Slot to speak of subject-matters with regards to Almost Everything revolving around Targeting and MILABS [Military Abductions]

Len pic.jpg

This interview is over two hours long. Len discusses in extreme detail about his experiences as well as an extremely in-depth detail exposé about the technology being used for such purposes by Satanists. Len has been experimented on and even Tortured by the Medical Establishment overall. In-fact, Len has ascertained that Both of his parents were assassinated in the hospital setting by Shillperps dressed up as medical personnel. -- Very Special Thanks to Ms. Melinda O Fee; for if it were not for her helping out Len in hard times, this ground shattering interview would have never occurred. -- And another very special thanks for Kimberlee Schultz, Bobby Lee Vaughn Jr., and Eugene Irvin for getting this hard hitting information out to reach others. Interview Link:

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