Earth Day 2015: Energize Democracy–Climate Justice–Rally Action!


Collaboration via: A Call to Actions Network & Frack-Free Nation


"You are invited to sign on and join us in creating a day of global action in order to send a powerful message, “It’s a Crime to Poison Us: End all Fossil Fuels – Renewables Now!”

Governor Cuomo set a precedent and “Banned” fracking in NY, however, we are still very much in the war zone with regards to all that is related to the actual drilling action. We hope you will join us in sending this powerful message on Earth Day 2015 in Calling for Governor Cuomo to put forth a plan that includes only clean, renewable, waste and emission free energy and to ensure a “Just Transition” to clean and renewable energy by launching a massive program that brings good paying Green jobs back to our ailing Southern Tier, Central, and Western NY economies, and could lead the nation in the renewable revolution by setting an example for the rest of our elected officials to follow.

We Would Like to See Thousands from NY and PA, MA, NH, CT, MD, OH, VT, WV, VA, and beyond, Converging on Albany, NY demanding an end to the poisoning of our communities by the Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Power Paradigm.

We Envision a beautiful Family Friendly Earth Day 2015 at West Capitol Park where we make our voices heard, Speaking Truth to Power, in a Call to Action for Governor Cuomo and ALL our Leaders to do what is best for the Planet, Climate, Health, and well being of our Children, all living things, and the next Seven Generations. Our Day will be filled with Science, Innovation,Theater, Community, and Socially Conscious Music, while We Stand on the Side of Love For all Life and Co-Create The Energy Shift, by Uniting our collective voices Energizing Democracy.

Peaceful Direct Action is planned – Away from the Peaceful(and legal), but Powerful Rally in West Capitol Park.. As part of a strategy to let our Governor know we are serious, about blocking pipelines, bomb trains and other infrastructure.

We encourage you to be a part of creating the day’s activities. You may decide on your level of participation including your own individual or group action that day during the rally and also are encouraged to suggest a speaker or form of entertainment, as well. This is a Family Friendly event. We encourage you to come out to the park and celebrate This Shift that we will be helping to create…. Away from corporate intrusion, and towards energizing our democracy with community owned power, and a healthier one for all living beings.

Bring The Children – Take them out of school for one educational beautiful spring day, and witness history in the making, at what we envision being the largest CLIMATE JUSTICE RALLY ever to hit ALBANY… We could be looking at our movement’s power, as we Occupy with Love and play a role in deciding our future, and Say, “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING”..... Read More and sign up @:"

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