Dismantle the Compartmentalization Part 1 ~ Chemtrails by Eugene Irvin

A Plea to Dismantle the Compartmentalization

& Collaborate on Solutions

Eugene Irvin Co-Founder & Lead Field Researcher, A Call to Actions

"Y'all I have tried to ask people for their help in bringing an open and well recorded atmospheric spraying operation to the public's attention. I have asked every single leading educator and activist From Dane Wigington, John Massaria , Amanda Williams, Russ Tanner, Troy Lessard, Michael J Murphy, Laura Eisenhower, and many more. I've even asked mainstream news contacts like Richard Ray and others. What is going on here???

Someone needs to speak up. Please take no offense in being tagged and named in this article. I've done so to share with you some of what I know. I have recently had my Life threatened again for this.

Chemtrails are classified as a national security issue. The reasons for this are many.

In my time in the 'alternative media' encountering censorship has been the driving force behind my sense of obligation to continue sharing the information I have been privy to. It has often left me wondering what I said to cause it. What struck such a nerve?

My first scheduled appearance on radio was in response to an invite made by Joe Hagmann to call into a show he and his father have which has grown considerably since that time back in late November of 2012. In it I made mention of several very sensitive bits of information.

The fact fine particulates of heavy metals are used in conjunction with electromagnetic frequency to essentially create a "force field" capable of disrupting the avionics and guidance systems of incoming enemy craft/ballistics was certainly one of these. Several examples of this have been shown on mainstream media perhaps the most notable of which was in November of 2010 off the California coast.

plum pic.jpg

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I went on to do shows with such outspoken anti geoengineering figures as Madisonstar Moon and Michael Murphy (What In The World Are They Spraying)to chemtrail deniers and questioners like the crew from EXS Radio/ Dark Matter radio network. I felt a sense of importance to take the risk in the company of such strong advocates to put a stop to atmospheric spraying. The risk to say "some chemtrails can save your Life "

I went on to use the example of bio-weapons defense in that instance and after aquiring proof of this being the case in the recent outbreak of several potential epidemics. I feel it was a risk well worth taking.

I see the movement itself stuck in such a way that after carefully examining it, the obvious fact that a massive disinformation campaign has been waged on the people in order to keep the elements of compartmentalization from being revealed, is simply inescapable.

The chemtrailing agenda is a multi arrayed operation with many different applications.

For every "sky watcher" that fails to take into account the ever present reality of space weather conditions and how this affects each and every being on this planet, the aforementioned disinformation campaign is gloating in triumph.

As I write this tonight after reaching out to the community again due to the fact a pilot warned me that I would be killed if I continued to expose a chemtrail spraying operation I personally infiltrated and recorded in Addison Texas which yielded the testimonies of ‪#‎local ‪#‎law ‪#‎enforcement ‪#‎officials (HELLO) as well as pictures and video, the fact I've received little response isn't bothering me. It is a symptom of the obvious.

Mind control is dismissed due to its effectiveness.



"Every single aspect of human sensation, perception, emotion, and behavior is regulated by brain activity. Thus, having the ability to stimulate brain function is a powerful technology."

The use of artificial intelligence to create a kind of quantum container for human consciousness is every day all the time in 3D ladies and gentlemen.

"For those of us who may still be in the rut of thinking atmospheric spraying is for the sole purpose of weather modification, it is well past time to broaden our horizons.

The second and never stated purpose of chemtrails is to increase the presence of aluminum and other toxic metals in human environments so they are ingested in unnaturally high quantities to cause neurodegenerative illnesses and shorten the lifespan of the baby boom generation at a time when the developed world has reached the fourth and last stage of the demographic transition as a result of six decades of covert interference with human reproduction via covert chemical methods (fluoride, bisphenol A and other endocrine disruptors), which has resulted in inverted population pyramids and thus economically unsustainable population profiles characterized by more old than young people and too few working adults to be able to support the dependent population. As a bonus the aluminum sprayed by plane over our heads also binds with fluoride in water forming aluminum fluoride which is a far better sterilizer than just fluoride therefore reducing the need to add fluoride to drinking water. Third, aluminum poisons the soil and makes it inhospitable to traditional or heirloom seeds thus forcing farmers to buy aluminum-resistant genetically modified seeds that are the latest weapon in the sterilizing arsenal of the depopulation lobby.” Kevin Mugur Galalae, Depopulation and Decarbonization


“calcification and degeneration of the pineal gland in westerners due to chronic fluoride poisoning over multiple generations; fluoride being the most effective chemical method of population control used since 1945 throughout the West to subvert fertility under the pretext of improving dental health. The pineal gland is the window to the soul and there can be no spiritual experience without an intact pineal gland just as there can be no sight without healthy eyes." Kevin Mugur Galalae, The Holy Grail, Controlling Human Life on the Planet


To over stand the full agenda is something all of us must work together to achieve. Let's not forget the "best of the best" scientists have been hard at work on this for decades and it is only now beginning to eek its way into the mainstream media.

The chemtrailing agenda is comprised of many different factions, belief systems, and agendas. Simply put they have become weapons of war. A war that takes place silently over our heads, into our land and precious ecosystems and ultimately into the future habitat of all Life on Earth.

Nanomaterials which are inhaled into our bodies for use in bio nano interface have become a reality, with such institutions as Harvard, Stanford and UC Berkeley leading the way in this highly controversial area of R&D in the west, though it is not limited to the west.

The transhumanist agenda has become a primary part of an unconsensual arms race with the general public caught in the middle.

“Morgellons is an umbrella term which is used to identify a score of different symptoms. Ultimately it is transhumanism. The integration of mankind with machines, computers, and artificial intelligence. Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the hman genome. It is the fetal stage of transhumanism, and it is upon us. This stealth project is being carried out with the use of the daily chemtrail operations, which are happening globally. There is no escape. The chemtrail operations are terraforming the earth and everything on it, including you. Many have died. While the CDC and Kaiser Permanente drag their heels with its so-called study, humans are perishing, suffering “unbelievable” symptoms and are left alone with nowhere to turn.Countless patients have been improperly diagnosed with “Delusions of Parasitosis.” Just before the “explosion” of Morgellons here in the United States, the CDC sent letters out to physicians across the country stating that they were seeing an increase of patients with DOP. Coincidence? I think not. They were covering their tracks, so to speak. Last I knew, delusions do not cause oozing skin lesions, flying insects, worms, fungus, molds, plants, colored fibers and fiber bundles, polka-dotted, multi-colored plaques or crystals of different shapes/colors. These are just a few of the symptoms associated with this mutation process, based on one’s genetic pre-disposition. Morgellons sufferers are far from delusional. They are outsourced bioresearch test subject for the Global Governments, and so are you.Independent researchers are learning a vast amount of knowledge about this entity and are putting the pieces together. It appears to have protein involvement as well as many different organic species and possibly nanotechnology/biosensor involvement. It is slow, invasive and progressive. Hundreds of samples have been obtained from people who show no outward symptoms of the mutation. The same specimens have been found with people who are noticeably infected, as well as in environmental sampling. Imagine finding a black speck sprouting a blue fiber from a strange layer of skin that has formed over one of your open skin lesions. Then imagine finding the same black speck and the same blue fiber on a grain of rice. I did. It was impossible to distinguish which came from my skin and which was from the rice. Transhumanism through terraforming.” Kandy Griffin Vandawalker, Morgellons Research Group President

photo 3.PNG

The ability to interpret brain and cellular function in real time via EEG technology through the artificially created quantum cloud is not science fiction. It is a globally implemented technology put together by Microsoft and DARPA. Now try to consider this being done as a defensive measure due to a current or potential adversary attempting to use the same technology on us. These are the types of problems faced in the rapidly changing world of defense and intelligence.

For us to put boundaries on this agenda is to stay within the-would- be- box created for our minds.

Of course we understand the use of commercial and private aircraft are used in conjunction with military operations for the spraying.

Factions within the CIA, NSA, and other agencies have been heavily involved in the development of mind control technologies with the goal of robotization of vast amounts of the general public being realized many years ago. How else is it possible that less than 10% of our population is even able to realize a massive spraying operation over their heads?

SWARM at the edge of the cloud.JPG

“Today, large numbers of sensors and actuators embedded into innovative devices are being introduced into our connected world at an accelerating rate. This sensory swarm, or the swarm for short, presents an extension of the infosphere (today embodied in the cloud) into the physical world. The swarm gives the cloud eyes, ears, hands, and feet, enabling services that are directly embedded in the physical world rather than just in the cyber world. There is no question that the pervasive integration of smart, networked sensors and actuators into the physical world offers huge potential to address societal problems, to improve quality of life, and to smooth the boundaries between the human and the cyber worlds. But it comes with enormous challenges and risks | both technical and non-technical. To mitigate these concerns, this paper proposes the adoption of an open and universal platform to enable the simple, reliable, and secure deployment and operation of a multiplicity of distributed sense and control applications (which we call swarmlets). Providing access control and resource guarantees is essential to quality of experience and safety. Making the platform open and universal will unleash millions of swarm devices and swarmlet developers, just as smart-phone platforms opened the door to millions of app developers.” The Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud, University of California, Berkeley


I choose to believe in the awakening. I would tell you I know it is upon us if we shared a cup of tea or coffee this morning. Saying this as I address my peers who have all but ignored my pleas for help in exposing the very type of clandestine operation they all rant and rave about is not an easy task for me. Placing my hope in the fact that this very experience once realized will ensure the awakening process continues is about all I have left in regards to this.

I have reached out to everyone from my high school friend's dad who is the news anchor for FOX 4 News in Dallas Texas to the leading activists in the movement. Nothing, no one of the needed caliber has come forward. Meanwhile someone puts some bells and whistles on some air force chic and she's a hero, disinformation. She'd be dead or court-martialed without question if she were genuine in my opinion. In my typical candor I will attempt to leave you with a message of hope. For I have truly seen the power in it.

navy map.jpg

The use of electromagnetic frequency in conjunction with the atmospheric spraying from installations such as HAARP has become one of our most deeply rooted fears ... It truly is a super weapon with vast potential and application for use in both defensive and offensive operation.

Perhaps you have seen the US NAVY MAP OF FUTURE AMERICA which depicts the New Madrid fault zone ripped down the middle to the Gulf of Mexico after an unimaginable deluge caused by the emptying of The Great Lakes as it split our country in two, with both coasts inundated with the ocean. This map was made after extensive seismic survey, including recorded geological cyclical occurrences. Taking the time to factor in the magnetic fields of all known and classified celestial bodies also played a role in the making of this map.


Take it from a guy who meticulously recorded his own involvement in a national continuity of communications "exercise" that was active during the 9.0 earthquake which was responsible for over 18,000 deaths and resulted in the subsequent Fukushima disaster which thank God is starting to be quietly cleaned up.

The use of weaponized scalar technology has been used to alleviate seismic tension in key zones as a preventative measure against a "superquake" for many years now and with great success.

Our Earth is in a very special time y'all...... After reaching the culmination of a 25,920 year cycle on the shortest day of 2012 it is plain to see that there are forces at play within our own solar system and beyond which affect our day to day lives we so often take for granted.

It is just as plain to see as the anomalous celestial activities which lie beyond our topic of discussion here in what has now become early morning after accidentally deleting my initial thoughts on all this.

Are you an activist? Do you really want to expose the clandestine operations that you have fought to help the public see for so long?

Part of what I do you guys is try to create an Avenue for individuals who are scared and all but hopeless after having participated in and developed technology for black projects. I need your help. The whole story is right here. If they kill me you find an Addison cop named coincidentally, Mike Murphy. He works at a major Dallas hospital now after being kicked off the force. Coolest police officer I ever had the honor to know, public information. (What are the odds?) If they kill me you go knock on the door of the brave Town of Addison fire department which is located just on the other side of the fence from the hangar and tarmac where this retrofitting operation was done.

I know of only a handful of individuals in this movement who could tell us where the oldest historical references to chemtrails can be found. I would very much like to pick up this discussion on that note at some point in the very near future with any and all of you, with anyone.

Note from Kimberlee: Eugene recently uncovered Project Cirrus, initiated on February 28, 1947 under a "research study of cloud particles and cloud modifactions"

History of Project Cirrus PDF

History of Project Cirrus

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