The StarPals Empowering/Inspiring Childrens Books ~ Values/Virtues in ACTion!

December 1, 2014

It is still surreal to me to acknowledge the powerful fruit of our pure intentions.  Since 2006 upon awakening each morning asking God “How I can most efficiently/effectively be Hands and Feet to contribute as a catalyst for positive change?” the abundance of miracles that have sprung forth is not only filled with immense gratitude, but deep humility that one could participate in a portion of these experiences. 


One of those miracles is a series of seven books based upon seven virtues.  The StarPals were not something I even had on my radar.  They literally became manifest as result of a plea /prayer of servitude to our children, our future.  



The StarPals; Patty Patience, Korey Kindness, Haley Humble, Tommy Truth, Shari Sharing, Tobey Thankful and Livey Love model/lead by example by planting seeds of empowerment.

By focusing on Values/Virtues in Action and encouraging children to apply them into their moment to moment choices, we build and strengthen social emotional character skills that can have a very profound affect from childhood forward. 


If you would like to learn more about The StarPals and their outreach


If you would like to order a personalized set of seven books signed by the author at a discounted rate, email


Cheers to our empowered children making empowered choices!

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