Flying Saucer Patents (German Patent Filed 4/20/98, Published 9/23/99

Flying Saucer
German Patent DE19817466 A1 ·

Filed: 04/20/1998 · Published: 09/23/1999


Assignee: SUMERA, ANDREAS Inventors: SUMERA ANDREAS (DE)App Num: DE19817466A Pub Date: 09/23/1999 File Date: 04/20/1998 Intl. Classes: B64C39/00 B64G1/40 H02N11/00 B64G1/00 (IPC1-7): B64C29/02 B64G1/00 H02N11/00


First flying saucer, characterized in that in a ring railway ä similar to this for it. ÷ B. at DESY, the German Electron Synchrotron, are like protons are accelerated, causing the drive of the 'flying saucer' is made, said this current required to operate the system by counter-rotation of the outer sleeve against rotation, with the same technology, mobile, is through energy shielded so that normal life conditions are met, the control of the 'flying saucer' by weight shift on to, around the outer rim, which allows fine adjustment is made.

2 Flying Saucer according to claim 1, characterized in that in addition to the produced in the patent claim 1 power or energy produced by other mating power generation facilities.

3 flying saucer according to claim 1 and claim 2, characterized in that the outer sheath can be charged with energy.


The features indicated in claim 1 invention is that there is no means of locomotion for space that work exclusively with electric energy the problem. This problem is solved by the features listed in claim 1. With the invention ensures that there is by the use of elementary particles, the electrons, which provide the power, the energy, and the protons' constitute the primary drive of the 'flying saucer', a means of transportation that the Space allowed to endlessly move around in space. An advantageous embodiment of the invention is defined in claim 2, since the training according to claim 2 makes it possible to have electricity in sufficient extent available. A further advantageous embodiment of the invention is defined in claim 3, there is the constant charging of the outer shell with electricity, energy, the 'Flying Saucer' in the location, material to be moved over the speed of light, because, by the basic scientific thesis that if one is multiplied by the given electrical quantities, these all other electrical parameters except function sets like best known as the Philadelphia syndrome etc.. therefore addition allows a corresponding charge ofthe shell ofthe 'flying saucer' with energy, the 'Flying saucer '' where, because the specified basic scientific theory also applies to lead to waterways, but also, through rock to führen.III scientific Explanation for 'flying saucer'. 'Scientific Proof that be the theory and practice one leave, is by the basic structure (atom-proton, electron, neutron) and the conditions (strain, even among themselves, attraction, repulsion, material properties) as well as the existing conditions subcritical each other in real state express so expressible, that the basic thesis, lifting the self-gravity is by rotation like in this case protons (as in the DESY test center) accelerated to a circle line, is also true in the case described, and thus given the logic also given so that the 'Flying Saucer' in space, ie in vacuum , Luftleererraum, the basic properties of fundamental physics confirmed; minus in minus is controllable, so that the 'Flying Saucer' by particles like making within the circle line speed.

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